Thursday, March 10, 2005

Patience, I need some

I have very little patience with cyberspace annoyances. I am not sure what happened on my blog the other day, posts were there and now they are gone, one that I did not delete has disappeared. I am tad perplexed but oh well life goes on.

I am, (as usual) looking forward to Friday tomorrow. I have the day to get ready for parent/teacher conferences. They are not my favorite way to spend a day but I am looking forward to a few of them. Today I gave my kids word tape as they did an excellent job on their writing. It is this bright orange tape with words like super and fantastic on it, it's easier than stickers. Well they started to stick it on their shirts and bags and then one of them had the bright idea to put it on their face. First it was on an eye and then on nose and finally Jessica( the loudest kid in my class) put it on her mouth. By the time they all figured out that it was funny to put it over your mouth it wasn't very sticky so they had to tape it on with clear tape. At ten to three I had kids walking around laughing as their mouths said words but they weren't talking. I took some photos and had a great laugh and then made them take it off before I sent them home. They waved their hands at me, no, no I want to wear it home their eyes pleaded. Yeah that is jut what I need you going home with your mouth taped shut... I can imagine the phone calls already. I will share the photos with the good humored parents and keep the rest for my own "need a laugh" days. Children really can be priceless.

I have plans to get out of the city on Sunday, it will be a nice little break from the smog! Hopefully the nice weather will hold out until then, not bloody likely but I will try to remain positive.
I will get a picture up of the cool yarn that I got from Susan, hopefully tomorrow. Maybe even one of the crazy children in my class.

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