Saturday, March 12, 2005

culture and knitting

My friends and I went back to Wisteria tea house today to knit, we went there last weekend to. It's fun to take your knitting and go sit in traditional asian tea house and drink tea made of real flowers. We spent the afternnon knitting. I sadly did not get to much done but Heather is finished the back of her sweater, she's never knit a sweater and neither have I... we make an interesting pair. I can read the pattern for the most part, so that helps and it looks good so far. Besides as we try to figure it out we are providing free entertainment for the staff and other customers as they enjoy watching us.

That was the highlight of my day. I have another cold and it started raining again yeterday. Figures, it was glorious all week, the weather wouldn't want to hold out through the weekend. No that would be to easy. I am heading out of the city on the train tomorrow, well let me rephrase I am suppossed to be heading out of the city but given the way I am feeling at this excat moment in time I may bail on them and stay in my bed instead. I'll decide in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Hi J,

The markers have not arrived yet, but I am not too worried as I imagine it may take some time to get here. I have posted you some goodies (but only recently), and hope you get those soon!

I'll let you know when they arrive. Meanwhile, happy knitting!