Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Have a heart update

Today is Larissa's 20th birthday, and the beginning of a new chapter in her life - this morning at 1am she went into surgery to receive her new heart. As of 7am her heart was pumping on it's own and she is now doing well in the icu. She still has a long road ahead of her - so say a pray, cross your fingers, do whatever it is that you do - she needs all the help that she can get now. While you are at it please remember the family who lost a son this week, for Larissa to live someone else had to die and as hard as that is I am so grateful that they decided to help another person live by donating his organs.

PS - there are pictures of Larissa and the blanket, but they are on her camera, not mine - it'll have to wait. I never did get around to thanking and linking to each fabulous person who contributed 1, 5 or 12 squares - know that I thank you and so does Larissa.

Friday, April 18, 2008

the last one

This is their last picture, after a trip to the vet yesterday the first one left last night and the rest will go through out the weekend... except for 2, Phoebe is staying until her family moves at the end of April and Bella is staying forever - I know, I know another dog, don't start. I love her, I bottle fed her, I can't let her go and besides once you have 3 what's one more.
Life is busy, lots to do inside and outside and things in our world are changing - not things I can really talk about now ( no I am not pregnant and everyone is fine) as time goes on and they all sort themselves out and then I will talk about them. Until then my presence will continue to be sporadic and some what vague - sorry.
But, on the good news front, I get to go west next month, first to sunny San Fransisco to play with my sister and then home to play with the rest of the family for a few days, this year P is coming for the Victoria part too! I'm looking forward to playing with my siblings munchkins, it's been a year and they tend to get so much bigger in a year.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


sprung here!
and the puppies are busy being cute...

Friday, April 4, 2008


That would be the sound of me being knocked on my butt by strep - after a week of being ill I finally went to the Dr. she told me it was a virus, I asked her to humour me and check for other things - lo and behold it is strep, she called me yesterday and called in a prescription, hopefully I will be better once the antibiotics start to work.

I wanted to take some pictures of the bits of colour emerging in our front garden but is is freakin SNOWING today and although the purple, green and white may be a neat picture I just can not bring myself to do it - enough with the snow already.

The puppies are good, getting big - they have there own blog now, it will only exist till they are all sold but there is more puppy cuteness there. There has been little knitting or anything else for that matter, sleep and puppy care are about all that has been happening here.