Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Have a heart update

Today is Larissa's 20th birthday, and the beginning of a new chapter in her life - this morning at 1am she went into surgery to receive her new heart. As of 7am her heart was pumping on it's own and she is now doing well in the icu. She still has a long road ahead of her - so say a pray, cross your fingers, do whatever it is that you do - she needs all the help that she can get now. While you are at it please remember the family who lost a son this week, for Larissa to live someone else had to die and as hard as that is I am so grateful that they decided to help another person live by donating his organs.

PS - there are pictures of Larissa and the blanket, but they are on her camera, not mine - it'll have to wait. I never did get around to thanking and linking to each fabulous person who contributed 1, 5 or 12 squares - know that I thank you and so does Larissa.

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