Tuesday, March 25, 2008

where did March go

I am not sure where this month has gone but it's almost finished and it seems as though it has barely begun. So well I try to decide where the month has gone and cast on the second front on my garter stitch jacket ( that isn't garter stitch) let me amuse you with more puppy pictures. Speaking of which, if you live in the area and know someone who might want a puppy leave me a comment (we are selling them but really just to cover our costs) and I will forward all the relevant info along.

going, going


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

In no particular order

We still can't get to the mailbox, and this is after a few days of melting!

More puppy pictures, I had vision of taking pictures of my knitting with the puppies and then decided against it, to messy!

Our eyes are open and we can see and hear now too.

We have had to move to 2 food bowls, some feel the need to sit in their food while others prefer to just eat.

How cute is that, even if it is a littel blurry. I need to play wiht my camera settings, most things are blurry and I am not sure what to do - perhaps I should read the book that comes with the camera.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My direct line to Mother Nature seems to be broken, if yours is working can please let her know that I can handle the additional snow we will get tonight but the wind has got to stop. If it must blow for some reason could it please blow in the same direction that it was on Sunday because at this moment all the snow that drifted to the south side of the house is drifting north back across the yard and landing in the narrow path that I managed to dig causing a great deal of extra work for me. Yes, yes I understand that we can't go around making demands every day about the weather but seriously folks, I think I might just stay inside until the snow melts, floods my cellar and forces me out to make sure that the pump is working so that we don't float away.

PS The snow bank at the foot of the driveway of doom is bigger than I am, by a lot and shovelling out our mailbox was a waste of time because there is not way I have enough muscle to move a snow bank that high.

now with pictures.

As you can see we had a little snow this weekend. It took hours to make a path from the house to the cars, that is after we found a way out of the house. When I got up on Sunday morning I could not open the front door or the back door which we never ever use. The screen where frozen in the windows and so I couldn't climb out that way either. P. had to go out the cellar door and walk all the way around the house to shovel the snow from the the front door so we could out.

The tire swing is hiding, there was more snow here but it drifted a lot overnight and most of it ended up in the fields.
There is a truck and a stone wall under there somewhere... the snow pile on the other side is higher then the white shed ( for those of you who know where the white shed is).

Ignore the ugly paneling that still lives in this room and look at the snow against the window - there is a little roof about 2 feet below that window. While I was trapped in the house for 3 days I got some knitting done. I have finished the back of the garter stitch jacket which is really not garter stitch at all - at least not according the pattern I have. Then I picked up a friends sweater to do some mending, it is a fav. or hers and I thought it wouldn't be to hard. 5 hours later it is fixed, there were lots of holes and the cuffs had to be cut off and reknit because of the holes in them. It was a big job and all day I kept saying that it was a good thing that I love her because otherwise I would of said, too bad, so sad for you. Now I seem to be developing a cold, a cold on the week that a friend (the sweater friend) is coming to play and don't have to work at all.

And because they are so cute a puppy picture, their eyes are open and they are becoming very roly poly - it's fun to watch them change so fast. They have tripled in size in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 10, 2008

snowed in

It's 6:49 and we are still snowed in. We knew this would happen but we were not expecting it to be this long. Our snow plow guy has had a few very bad days and a truck that is not so interested in behaving. He promised he would be here today, he has 5 hours and 10 minutes. I have pictures but as usual blogger doesn't want to play with me today, I'll try again tomorrow

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow Day V 8

I believe that yesterday was the 8th snow day that our local school board had, it really was a snow day and we were snowed in until after 9 pm. Luckily for me though Tara is not afraid of a long walk up the driveway of doom and she arrived on my doorstep last night in time for some dinner. It was lovely to see her, we ate, playted with puppies and even knit a little. If you need puppy fix go to her blog, she has lots of good pictures and since she posted them I am not going to post more of the same picture.

I am looking forward to a weekend trapped in my house with a good book and some wool. I think that when the next storm rolls in I won't be going anywhere for awhile. That's all I have for you today... well except for the fact that the puppies started opening their eyes this afternoon. They are getting cuter.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

moving along

Jeanie is 1/2 finished, I have hit a bit of a snag but I am sure I will get the groove of it back shortly.

The garter stitch jacket is about to be cast on, I am hoping I can plow through it in order to wear it sooner rather than later.
Our Have a Heart Afghan is nearly complete but Larissa has MRSA and I am not sure that I will be allowed to give it to her... I need to talk to her mom first, it may have to wait until she tests negative and is no longer in isolation.

FYI - I thought puppy pictures were cuter than my 1/2 finished knitting. Some people were wondering what breed they are - Mama is Rottweiler/Doberman and Papa is Bull Mastiff Rottweiler but they all look like bull mastiffs