Monday, January 22, 2007

see there are stitches here too

Another Marley hat from Itty Bitty Hats, this time knit in Lang-Tissa for a much smaller head, it’s about to be gifted to a little person who will arrive soon

A bunny to keep the newly mended Norberta company on her trip across the continent, she is a Jane Doe Bunny at the moment but I am sure that situation will change when she arrives at her destination. She is from this Fiber Trends Pattern and knit in Patons classic Merino and some red wool that I had in my stash. Sadly the red did not felt as well as the Patons but these things happen. Her scarf is knit from a little single left over handspun from this project.

A cabled hat that is happily resting on my head at the moment, I am rather in love. I knit it from this pattern and used Stampato – Extra in colour 8007. It too was from my stash but in a panicked moment I bought a second ball thinking that I wouldn’t have enough – I had enough and thus will probably knit another one or something similar. I am all about cables right now.

And another scarf… this one is Noro Silk Garden in a pattern that I made up and will share with the rest of you once it is blocked and I decided that I like it. It reminds me of berries and I owed one persona scarf from Christmas, everyone else got one and she got a candle as I ran out of time!

I got a few knitting books over the holidays and I am rather enthralled with them. I have been all about designing knitwear lately and thus I wanted some stitch pattern books to inspire me. I got Knitting Stitches by Mary Webb, it is one of little thick dictionary like books with good learn to knit instructions and then pages and pages of types of stitches, ribs, lace and cables. It has good charts and pictures and most of the instructions are reasonably clear.

I have another great book that I wanted to tell you all about but I can't find it online and the name of it escapes me at the moment... oh well that one can go in the next post with the spinning from yesterday.

FYI - blogger is pissy today I had this all set up and such and then posted it and now of the pictures came through from Picasa. Sooo I had to do it all again and now the pics aren't all cropped and such becuase my hour of interent time is about to run out... annoying!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


My stitches ( noro scarf and shawl) and my girls spent 2 days in the hospital with P and we are all home now. Yipee! P is on the mend, there were a few hours yesterday where we waited to make sure that everything was working as it should and low and behold it does.

I won't even begin to spout about our healthcare system because I think that if I start I might just never be able to stop. I never realised how broken it is until I was on the inside waiting for services.

That be said I am going to enjoy a realxing day at home, because it is COLD outside, (so cold that it makes my eyes water when the wind blows) and take some time to take some knitting photos and put up a real post. Happy Saturday.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


At approximately 18 hundred hours on Thursday January 11, 2007 Norberta the dragon was viciously attacked by 100 lb doberman cross, Norberta suffered major damage to her mouth, belly and ears. The doberman cross walked away unharmed. Norberta is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery and will be ready to mail soon. There are no photos available at this time due to the graphic nature of the incident.

In other news...

While recently sitting in a hospital waiting room a knitter discovered that she was out of knitting projects, the knitter had not anticipated spending an entire day in the hospital waiting rooms - so she did what any stressed knitter would, she knit 10 rows and then frogged them in order that she might knit them again to keep her hands busy while she waited. The knitter has learned here lesson and will not be caught without an appropriate amount of fiber again - an emergency sock kit has been places in her car in case such an emergency should arise again.

Said knitter has a number of projects on the go including a shawl, a sweater, socks, and a cabled hat. Multiple projects will accompany the knitter to the hospital this coming Thursday when the knitter's husband has surgery ( nothing major but life will be better after). The knitter will return next week with book reviews, photos and progress notes

Thursday, January 4, 2007

it happened

I knew this would happen eventually

They managed to get it out of the bedroom before they started unwinding it

and wrapped it through the laundry that was in the basket - I was not impressed

After I got it all wound up Kieran decided that she wanted it back - I think not. Today she broke the full length mirror on my dresser, she is not a popular cat this week

I have been knitting this holiday season. P and I have both been sticking close to home and that means I have had lots of knitting time. Meet Norberta without her wings - (C. does she need wings or will G. like her just the way she is). I knit her in Acrylic something - yes I said acrylic, I liked th colour better and I figured that a one year old wouldn't know the difference.

I bought Itty Bitty Hats on boxing day at Chapters and started knitting. This is the Marley Hat with a few modifications knit it Mission falls 1824 cotton and cotton tots by bernat/patons - someone like that

This P's new scarf - It's from Scarf Style, the pattern name escapes me at the moment but it is by Teva Durham knit with Nashua Creative Focus Chunky in Nickel

Another hat from Itty Bitty Hats - this is a much modified pattern knit with patons Chunky tweed. I changed the decreases to modify the top and

instead of a pom pom I used an i-cord and tassel - but you can't see it

Yesterday's amazing sunset that I just has to share with the world and last but not least

This little tiny guy is a year old today, amazing how time flies.

look at how big he has gotten
Happy Birthday Hatch