Friday, June 23, 2006

Some of you will laugh and some of you won't...

Those of you out there who have actually lived with me/visited my house know that I'm not by nature ( and/or personal choice) a neat freak. I don't mind mess, chaos and generally can handle living in a pigsty most of the time. I usually clean when I have to because there are people coming over, I am procrastinating, or occasionally because the mess has started to drive me around the bend ( which happens very rarely).

It's Friday, I'm not working today and as much I am "dying" to cast on a toe-up sock ( for the first time) I feel the need to get the mess in this house under control. We have spent the better part of this last year renovating and currently the only room that we can actually use is our bedroom ( and even it has some work going on in it). All of the other rooms of the house are either missing pieces (like ceilings, walls or floors) or are being used for storage for the stuff that was in the rooms that are missing ceilings/walls/floors. So I am going to go and actually do something about the the mess, first I have to dust the vacuum off ( yes I know that is bad sign but the vacuum, like everything else we own is covered in dust from sanding and drywalling) and then I am going to going to commit to a few hours of getting something done so that at the end of the day I cast on that sock ( to take with me tonight to something we said we would go to with some friends...) as a reward for actually cleaning up so that more of a mess can be made next week.

* note to self* when searching the world for an appropriate partner, finding and then marrying someone who cares as little about cleaning as you do can be disastrous when it comes to the home you share...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ok an update in 10 minutes or less

Thanks for all the congrats for the wedding and such, we both really appreciate it.

There is no album yet, I am teaching this week but it will be quiet again after school ends.

I owe some thank you's to Jess and Mardel for the great treats that I got in the mail while I was away and I will take a picture of the wool, pointy kitty and other assorted green treats that i got ( the candy is all gone)

I got some great new wool in Victoria thanks to KIP day. As well as some great shower gifts that included wool and some books including the Harlots new book - I am rather fond of it

I am looking forward to the summer and the party we are planning, the guest list is up to 126 - just a few of our closest friends!

The knitter's are arriving ( for knit nite) and I think that is rude of me to type and ignore them so I shall be off for now but I will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Friday, June 16, 2006

There will be an album soon, maybe this weekend but until let these captionless pics speak for themselves. It was an amazing day and I can't believe that it was a week ago already!

all done

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I heard last night that I have treats that came in the mail. Thanks to my colourswap and backtack partners, I havent's seen them but I am sure they are amazing! I am off to make wedding booklets, thanks for all your congratulations and such. I really appreciate it. I'll be back with pictures soon, I promise.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

wedding prep steps 1 to 10

Step 1 - invite folks over to paint wine glasses for the wedding

Step 2 - continue painting and taking photos of wee people who do not want to be in the pictures

Step 3 - admire the handiwork of many fine artists

Step 4 - bake the glasses inthe oven and pray that they don't break in the process

step 5 - carefully remove hot glasses from oven and allow to cool

Step 6 - finish the skirts for the flower girls now that the length has been decided

step 7 - admire the finished and blocking wedding shawl (even though it is a bad photo)

step 8 - admire more of my moms sewing, I can't wait to see it on the littlest miss but she is not here till wednesday

step 9 - be amused by the ball of fluff that enjoys chasing his tail

step 10 - go glue some flowers so that I can post the next 10 steps before the wedding on Friday