Friday, March 24, 2006

Sing along with me will you - to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song

Here's a story, of a lovely lady, that was knitting up a very pretty shawl. She was happy and half way through, then it all went wrong

Here's a story, of how she frogged it, pulling out all those pretty little markers. She pulled and pulled some more, till it was all gone Till the one day when the lady discovered, that she could knit it with only 2 repeats, she began again, and is now knitting, the new Wedding shawl.
The Wedding Shawl, ( do do do do doo) The Wedding Shawl, (do do do dodo) that's how it became the Wedding shawl.
Yes ladies and gentlemen I frogged the first attempt, it was a square which I liked for many reasons and disliked for a number of others but I love the butterflies. After a few independent attempts at starting again with a triangle I sought out some assitance at the LYS and got some traingle shawl 101, it's all clear to me now and I shall go forth and continue knitting. Sadly it has been a busy week of teaching and I have little knititng time but I don't have many days booked next week yet so I might get a day in somewhere. I was at Jo's this morning and we had a lovely time chatting and knitting. I must say that she is just flying along on her baby shawl. I, on the other hand discovered that the other night when I knit 3 rows I moved things along by 3 stitches and thus no longer had a center, I frogged it back a little and am now back on track.

Aside from that nothing to exciting to report, I am thinking up idea for a blog contest, it's almost been 2 years of blogging, to think that 2 years ago I was living in Seoul, South Korea! It's amazing how time flies and life changes. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finally finished

So I started this hat over a year ago and when I discovered that it was not going to fit me I stopped knitting it. It was a kit From KnitWhits and I knit the largest size but htere is no way that was going to fit me. When Catherine asked for hats for Lesotho I decided this would be a good one to finish and send along, so on the 20th it will be flying towards some deserving person with a head smaller than mine.
Here's the inside, I am rather proud of myself, ignore the ends sticking out!
Here are some of the hats that are leaving my house tomorrow. The 2 on the far right were sent by Michelle and the green felted one was sent by Maureen. A few others are on there way to my end of the world but will have to wait for the next trip, someone goes every few months. If you enjoy charity knitting and would like to knit some hats for children and adults in Africa email me or leave a comment. You can find more details in this post

FYI - In the background of this photo you can see the colour of the logs in my living room, complete with axe marks as they were hand hewn. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Can we say Princess

I have a pup whom I love to pieces, I dote on her a little to much and generally spoil her rotten. This spoiling has come back to bite me this week, the princess Tai refuses to go outside in the rain! She stands at the door and you have to give her a firm shove to actually get her out the door, then she stands there and stares at me like I have just done the meanest thing ever. Meanwhile Chudder is bounding about the yard, smelling the grass and being a well adjusted young lady. Chudder goes to the bathroom and comes back to the door to go inside. Tai just stands at the door shaking. I holler at her, I come outside with her, I coax her in my most gentle voice - it's useless the dog will not pee outside when it is raining! I spent 30 minutes outside with her this morning. I was afraid that if I left her on her own as I usually do she would just find a dry place to hide and then wait until she got inside to pee as she did yesterday... she's a princess I tell you, she better get over it though cause spring in Ottawa is here and it is rainy.

It's March break here this week, lucky me. I have big plans to knit and paint but not at the same time. I also have various wedding things to get finished, I just got 1 of them done this afternoon. I took the pearls that I got in Vietnam last summer to a local bead store and the are making them into some great jewelry for the gals in the wedding party. I also got the last of the invites in the mail and now just have the party ones to get organised. Hopefully I will get a few other things under control this week, like something to put on my feet, i think I should wear Birks ( I found some nice white ones) someone doesn't agree with me but he shall remain nameless. I think I might I look for something with a little heel and sadly the birks are flat... they will remain a plan B though regardless of what HE thinks!

The wedding shawl is coming along, the circular needles make it really hard to photograph. All other knititng projects have sadly been put aside, I must finish this shawl. I made a rather large mistake this weeknd and had to frog about 6 rows, it was tragic but I seem to be back on track now although you can kinda still see a mistake or two I am calling them design elements.

I gotta go, have a good week.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Happy day

There are so many things to be happy about today!

Happy International Womyn's Day to all the womyn, and those on their to being womyn out there in the world.

Happy thoughts and thanks to Cate who sent me more handspun cashgora to work on my wedding shawl.

Happiness at my house because the wedding invites are finished and out, there are 4 waiting for address' but they are ready to go as soon as I get those so they don't count as unfinished.

Happy music, Bridgehead is playing the new Dar Williams CD and that makes blogging and drinking Chai so enjoyable.

Happy house, the logs in the living room are sanded and look amazing. They will be varnished and finished in coming weeks and then we will have a living room again. That means we will lose the dining room to renos but the end is near, well sort of. I figure by the time we need space in the summer for company we will be close to finished... It will be so worth it in the end.

Happy dogs as well, I really need to post some new pics of them. Little miss anti-social Tai loves Chudder to bits and encourages her to attack and play as often as possible. They are so cute together , one giant dog with the disposition of a small lap dog ( she so wishes she could sit in my lap more often) and one little tiny lap dog who is convinced that she is a big scary girl. They are rather funny.

All in all it's a great day.