Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finally finished

So I started this hat over a year ago and when I discovered that it was not going to fit me I stopped knitting it. It was a kit From KnitWhits and I knit the largest size but htere is no way that was going to fit me. When Catherine asked for hats for Lesotho I decided this would be a good one to finish and send along, so on the 20th it will be flying towards some deserving person with a head smaller than mine.
Here's the inside, I am rather proud of myself, ignore the ends sticking out!
Here are some of the hats that are leaving my house tomorrow. The 2 on the far right were sent by Michelle and the green felted one was sent by Maureen. A few others are on there way to my end of the world but will have to wait for the next trip, someone goes every few months. If you enjoy charity knitting and would like to knit some hats for children and adults in Africa email me or leave a comment. You can find more details in this post

FYI - In the background of this photo you can see the colour of the logs in my living room, complete with axe marks as they were hand hewn. Posted by Picasa

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