Thursday, December 28, 2006

Overdue thanks

The Christams Hampers made it out the door, thanks to everyone who contributed to make Christmas a little brighter for 2 families. They really appreciated our help. We'll do it again next year.

Christmas has come and gone in what can only be described as a blur. I cooked and cooked for days, we ate for hours and then it was done. Well that's not true then we opened gifts (mostly scarves and homemade wine) laughed ourselves silly and then it was done, for the Eve portion that is. We spent Christmas day with some friends and then P's son. It was a good 2 days. We are almost recovered, we have cleaned up most of the mess and will be eating leftovers for amny days to come.

I woke up to this on boxing day (the 26th), it was a day late but beautiful none the less. It inspired some good knitting though but I will save that for the next post as I have some new knitting books as well! lucky me.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Scarves anyone? The top one is handspun knit in boxes of 5x5 with a garter edges. The middle on is Lamb's Pride Chunky (unblocked) in my most standard scarf pattern adapted from one I got from Alchemy yarns. The last one is from my fabulous older sister who sent me a care package awhile back - it's fiber content is a mystery but I love it

close ups

I love these colours

and now that this one is blocking it looks much better

This is the last round of scarves, most of which are already wrapped and handed out but maybe I will get some pics of them on the recipients. Left to right - rose pima/tencel (lost the ball bands - nearly 2 balls in that standard pattern i mentioned earlier. Next some Noro silk garden just striped knit/purl but by rows instead of stitches. 3rd mohair blend - it came from my sisters stash and finally Paton Allure just in garter stitch. I am not a huge fan of novelty yarn but a small person likes pink and girly stuff, it fit the bill.

When I haven't been knitting I have been cooking for Christmas eve, I made perogies all day on Friday - some left the house as Christmas gifts and the rest are in the freezer awaiting Sunday evening. There is much cooking to be done, I love the traditions of Ukrainian Christmas Eve but it is a lot of work - we only have 10 or so people coming... not a huge crowd but big enough.

Monday, December 11, 2006


We are both alive, one of us more than the other. P has been sick for a number of weeks and things sort of crashed down around last week when he was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. It was a long week but now he is home, medicated and on the mend. I am thankful that he is ok(now) and he assures me that he will NEVER let himself get that sick again. If he does I may have to kill before he has the chance to die of natural causes.

We had plans to have a fundraising tree cutting event this weekend,
we went ahead with it even though P was under the weather - we doped him and sat him in a chair with some hot apple cider while the rest of us cut trees, drank mulled wine and rememebered that Christmas is not as merry for some people as it is for us. The funds raised will go to make Christams brighter for 2 families here in the Ottawa valley who otherwise might not have anything this holiday season.

I would say based on the number of boots that it was a successful day... and P enjoyed the company after and long and lonely week, this didn't actually capture them all and a few folks had already left.

I have some knitting photos as well, sitting in the hospital provides ample knitting time but Ihave to get the camera, the card reader and the laptop all in the same place to make that work - the laptop and card reader are in the internet cafe with me and the camera is in the car... so no pictures for you. I have beeen on a scarf kick lately and have 4 finished (even blocked) and 2 almost done. Soon, honest and if you haven't seen it yet, go look at the new Knitty - I am in love with this, this and this one too - I was thinking of all the littel people in my world who would like them.

Oh and if you are bored and need a way to waste time go here, careful it is addictive