Thursday, December 28, 2006

Overdue thanks

The Christams Hampers made it out the door, thanks to everyone who contributed to make Christmas a little brighter for 2 families. They really appreciated our help. We'll do it again next year.

Christmas has come and gone in what can only be described as a blur. I cooked and cooked for days, we ate for hours and then it was done. Well that's not true then we opened gifts (mostly scarves and homemade wine) laughed ourselves silly and then it was done, for the Eve portion that is. We spent Christmas day with some friends and then P's son. It was a good 2 days. We are almost recovered, we have cleaned up most of the mess and will be eating leftovers for amny days to come.

I woke up to this on boxing day (the 26th), it was a day late but beautiful none the less. It inspired some good knitting though but I will save that for the next post as I have some new knitting books as well! lucky me.

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