Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's January, I mean February already

Where did the month of January go, we got through our 30 days of Christmas and then after that it just seemed to get swallowed up. We did not have lots of plans but yet the month is gone. In fact we tried to stick pretty close to home and have some quiet time while we could because we knew that things would start to get busy again and busy they are. In Feb. we have plans every single weekend including a weekend of cub camp. I am tired just thinking about how busy we will be.

We are all home today well me and the boys as it is PD day or as Calvin says a PDA day. Calvin is playing school and Fudge is sitting, yes just sitting. Why is Fudge sitting you might wonder... because he decided to turn on the outside tap on Sunday to get some water to make ice. Not a good plan and perhaps it may of been forgivable if he had not left the tap RUNNING and came inside. The cellar has water in it, the pipe froze and is now the tap will not stop dripping. He is in trouble. So he is sitting today, the boredom might do him some good.

Leaving the tap running was just the icing on the cake so to speak It was right up there with last weeks jumping out of the barn doors (again) and swimming, yes swimming in the puddles in the driveway in snowsuits that are not designed to be quiet that wet.

All that being said I do not even have a picture of any of these things to show you, the camera has not been out. I will do my best to fix that and take some pictures sooner rather than later.

PS Haloscan is shutting down, sad but true and I did not like the comment software they are replacing it with so I guess I am going back to blogger comments, not that it matters really as I am not blogging much anymore and most you read this on cracbook as a note and comment there... but I just thought I would let you know.