Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Wow what a night. We had our Christmas concert last night at the American Club in China. It's a posh country club with high membership costs and stupid, elite rules. But aside from that it is very nice and I was so happy when it was all said and done. The longest 10 minutes was our class play. I am not sure who was more nervous, me or them! They did fabulous and everyone was suitably impressed. For those of you in Victoria you'll see the video, Steph taped it with her camera so I could bring it home! Thanks Steph.

Anyway I must get moving and head to school. I have another cold... and I am getting on a plane tomorrow, not a good combination. Oh well can't do anything about it.

By the way have I mentioned that the weather is fabulous here. When it's sunny (5 out of 7 days) it's about 20 degrees and then on the days it rains it's cold. Well colder, I could get used to this.

Be well

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I will not wear it,  Posted by Hello
Okay it's off, now what the heck did she put on my head? Posted by Hello
She's only sitting still because under her there are bars like the one that are behind her and she knows that if she moves the she will fall off the cardboard she is sitting on. I am am mean I know but it was the only way to get her to sit still. This is my dining room, see no walls or windows just the great fresh polluted air all the time. It works here but is alittle cold sometimes. The rest of the rooms have walls though. Posted by Hello

Shopping at midnight

I was cycling home from a birthday party last night, it was late, almost 12 and I was thinking about the last minute things I needed to get before I leave next week. Dog food, stickers to finish the picture frame, shampoo and so on. Well as I contemplating these things I rode up to my favorite store and it was still open, at midnight! I was thrilled. It's a big (well big for here) store with 3 floors of almost everything you could ever need or want.

I got all the things that I needed and came home and now I don't have to go get them today. More time to finish those darn report cards! They will be finished this morning if it kills me!.


Almost finshed.....

- report cards, 5 of 30 left.
- January calender for day program, just have to type it, ( just remebered I have after school one to do! opps)
- christmas shopping, one more gift.
-laundry, another load.
-my kids Christmas cards for work on Monday.
- packing..... nope haven't even started that.

The to do list is getting smaller and I am off to get my haircut. Since I haven't cut it since last Christmas I decided it was time.

3 more working days and 5 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!! very excited.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


A week to go! I am sick, I have a brutal cold and my kids are sick and we all need a vacation. Not to much to tell you, still working, actually not working on report cards. Letters from Santa are finished though and Christmas ornaments for my kids are started and almost finished.

So I guess I am making a dent in the work. I spent last weekend shopping... but that had to been done to as all those munchkins on the island need something from Taiwan. I found lots of cool stuff, I still need one more gift but I have another weekend.

Okay it's time to go to work, Wednesday already. I came home sick on Monday and that has helped to speed things up, that and the fact that we are doing very little work and mostly just playing!

To those of you watching your mailboxes... Christmas cards are bought but probably won't be written until I am on the plane next week, then or on the ferry so they will be more like New Years cards, but oh well.

see ya

Saturday, December 11, 2004

oh well

The apartment is spotless, the dog had a great walk, I knit with my friends, ate supper out and took out the garbage but....... the report cards still aren't finished!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Good morning

Good morning,

Well I am a little less whiny this morning although I am having a lot of trouble with my joints and that is certainly contributing to the whiny teacher syndrome.

On a brighter note its Wednesday and that means only 2 more days till Friday and 14 days until the Christmas break. Work yesterday was an absolute zoo, Santa came to visit and take photos with all the kids, it was a zoo as a result and then they left the Santa costume in the library and my kids saw it... some quick justicication about an extra coat in case one got dirty and we were okay again. Man it was a close call.

But the reason I was writing this was to tell just tell you about my adorable kids and their letters to Santa. I had them write them without asking for things as not all of them celebrate Christmas. Eric decided to ask Santa what kind of bells his reindeer wear and Nerissa wanted to know what kind of Christmas tree he likes. But my favorite was Felix who wanted Santa to know that he has a good brother names Victor, that was the whole letter, one line about his brother. He's a special kid and that just reflects how very special he really is.

Anyway that's it I have to get ready to go to school, have a good Wednesday.

Sunday, December 5, 2004

whine, whine, whine

I'm Tireddddd, I have to much work to doooooo, I'm cold and it's almost time for work againnnn.

It's Sunday n ight, tomorrow is Monday and the weekend just wasn't long enough! I have a million things to do in the next 10 of work and frankly not enough time to do them! The weather has finally turned and it is cool today, funny considering last Thursday was about 25. Everything is cool though as there is no heat or insulation.

We had winter typhoon/tropical storm this weekend, the first since sometime in the 40's. It wasn't to bad. Most of it happened on Friday night and so I was sleeping. I saw Bridget Jones last night, it was pretty good. Went wandering in Shilin today and then for supper, i had poutine... there are 2 place here where you can get it, tonights was the best by far. No chesse curds but oh well, grated cheese works too.

Okay I am off to try to finish the purse I am making for our staff gift exchange ( i made up the pattern myself and it is pretty, well I think it is), so much to do between now and the 22! Be well.