Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Good morning

Good morning,

Well I am a little less whiny this morning although I am having a lot of trouble with my joints and that is certainly contributing to the whiny teacher syndrome.

On a brighter note its Wednesday and that means only 2 more days till Friday and 14 days until the Christmas break. Work yesterday was an absolute zoo, Santa came to visit and take photos with all the kids, it was a zoo as a result and then they left the Santa costume in the library and my kids saw it... some quick justicication about an extra coat in case one got dirty and we were okay again. Man it was a close call.

But the reason I was writing this was to tell just tell you about my adorable kids and their letters to Santa. I had them write them without asking for things as not all of them celebrate Christmas. Eric decided to ask Santa what kind of bells his reindeer wear and Nerissa wanted to know what kind of Christmas tree he likes. But my favorite was Felix who wanted Santa to know that he has a good brother names Victor, that was the whole letter, one line about his brother. He's a special kid and that just reflects how very special he really is.

Anyway that's it I have to get ready to go to school, have a good Wednesday.

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Mike said...

Hi there! What an adventure...Korea and now Taiwan. How long do you expect to be in Taiwan? I watched 'English Teachers in Taiwan on Life Channel last Sunday. They had three Canadians on. One was a lady who is going to get a nose job. Another was a lady who had married a Taiwanese guy...they were moving back to Canada so he could avoid military service. The third was a really needy guy who was having really bad luck finding a girlfriend. But, it was amazing to see that part of the world. Anyway, enjoy your adventure!