Saturday, December 18, 2004

Shopping at midnight

I was cycling home from a birthday party last night, it was late, almost 12 and I was thinking about the last minute things I needed to get before I leave next week. Dog food, stickers to finish the picture frame, shampoo and so on. Well as I contemplating these things I rode up to my favorite store and it was still open, at midnight! I was thrilled. It's a big (well big for here) store with 3 floors of almost everything you could ever need or want.

I got all the things that I needed and came home and now I don't have to go get them today. More time to finish those darn report cards! They will be finished this morning if it kills me!.


Anonymous said...

OOoohhh I just love shopping at midnight, don't you?

Jay said...

Sorry, accidentally posted anonymously. Just thought you might like to know who was writing; just a stranger really.