Tuesday, December 14, 2004


A week to go! I am sick, I have a brutal cold and my kids are sick and we all need a vacation. Not to much to tell you, still working, actually not working on report cards. Letters from Santa are finished though and Christmas ornaments for my kids are started and almost finished.

So I guess I am making a dent in the work. I spent last weekend shopping... but that had to been done to as all those munchkins on the island need something from Taiwan. I found lots of cool stuff, I still need one more gift but I have another weekend.

Okay it's time to go to work, Wednesday already. I came home sick on Monday and that has helped to speed things up, that and the fact that we are doing very little work and mostly just playing!

To those of you watching your mailboxes... Christmas cards are bought but probably won't be written until I am on the plane next week, then or on the ferry so they will be more like New Years cards, but oh well.

see ya

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Anonymous said...

got a better "why there are no christmas cards before Christmas" story.... Last week Dale decided to renovate the basement, hired renovators - don't even ask - but its finished. So no xmas pictures last week, then Saturday we finally got organized to take pictures, set it up, dressed up squeakums.... she wouldn't smile, wouldn't play with the ornaments, wouldn't even try to knock over the tree. uh oh....hmmmm... A few hours later, 3 spots - next morning, many, many, many spots - pediatrician on a Sunday.... she says probably chicken pox. (for anyone reading this who isn't justine, just what all the kids at daycare want for xmas). Watch Celeste freak out. Monday went to the real pediatirican... diagnosis, extreme reaction to MMR vacine, stay tuned for chicken pox.... if she reacted to MMR, she's likely to react to that too - but the timeline is different. It should be right around xmas. Aunty Justine is signed up for playing with spot covered squeakums. So today we took Xmas photos of a spot covered baby.... we'll see if they ever make it in th mail. Miss you, see you soon.