Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have spent my day dancing with puppies because one only weighs 8.5 oz and I want to insure that she doesn't get squished to death by her siblings who weigh a pound! I will eat, sleep and breath puppies for the next 10 days or so until they are big enough to fend for themselves. I don't think there will be much knitting but I can promise you lots of puppy pictures.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

they have arrived...

10 puppies on the 25th, that makes Sarah and Britt the winners. I'll work out prizes and such at some point. I'm tired, so is Chudder so that is all you get for today.

Friday, February 22, 2008

They are still there

You may want to get in on the action if you haven't yet joined the puppy pool... she is still pregnant and I just came back from the vet. Only one of you is remotely close to the number of puppies that may be in there, I have a rough idea but those little guys are hard to count on an x-ray. I am hoping for everyones sake that she has them this weekend but she doesn't seem to interested in my wants or needs. It's been a LONG day and I am off to chill for a little while with The Amber Spyglass, I'm loving it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

contest continues

I didn't think anyone would actually figure it out, I mean really 8 pieces of wood on a bedroom floor could be just about anything unles of course you have built a similar thing before. And for some reason blogger won't let me post a finished picture so I can't even have you continue to guess what it may be... so instead, if I may, a new contest.

The Puppy Pool - yes we are expecting pupies. We have a very pregnant dog ( the big black one) and she is expected to have puppies sometime in the next 10 days or so, we really don't know when but she is very pregnant!

If you want to play along leave a comment with the date that you think the puppies will arrive and how many puppies you think there will be. There will be 2 prizes one for the date and one for the number of puppies. In the event of a tie I will randomly draw a name for each prize. You can enter until they arrive, the puppies that is. But I honestly can't give you a better timeline then sometime in the next 10 days... it may even be 12 days if my math is really off.

Prizes will be similar to those described in the last post and will be sent out after puppies have arrived and my life calms down a bit.

PS You will see the finished whelping box when blogger feels like playing nicely again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

creating a contest

It's not knitting but it has to be done. I haven't finished it yet, it needs to be assembled and a tarp needs to be added. If you can figure out what I am building (and I haven't phoned you looking for one) leave me a comment and the first person to guess correctly will get a skien of sock yarn... or some other fibery goodness in the mail. Unless of course you are not a knitter and then I will send you something else that you will love.
There are some clues here, in the description and the picture, well sort of, let's just say that this room is usually full of stuff.

Monday, February 11, 2008

one word, (well not really)





Things are happening, life is busy, my head is down and I am trying to get this blanket finished, I am still waiting for some squares to arrive in the mail and when I am done a proper thanks to all those who have helped out. While I knit the blankets border I am finally adding my CD's to my computer (909, 2.4 days of music) because P bought me a shuffle. He has a 8g Ipod and so I decided I didn't really need one as well, but I had been eyeing these cute shuffles and so he brought one home last week - what a sweet boy. Seams are calling, gotta go


Monday, February 4, 2008


my hands that is, I have been dying wool this morning and I was to lazy to find some gloves. The wool is from the garter stitch jacket, I have wanted one for awhile but my LYS never had the colours I wanted and then I got a gift card for Christmas for the LYS. So I bought a white one kit and dyed it with wiltons food colouring. I am rather happy with the results but the camera is MIA, when I find you can see what I did. I have also been tidying and doing laundry. I think that perhaps laundry should happen without any human intervention, just put the stuff in the washer and it could come out washed dried and folded - maybe someone could get on that.

Have a Heart Blanket Update

I have lots squares, thanks everyone (if you still have one email me and we will arrange a pick up) and now comes the task of putting the thing together. I went out last Friday night (in a huge storm) and met up with a bunch of great women (she has pictures) to start seaming. It was a good time but we still are not finished and I really want to give it to her next week... so if you are free this Friday night (feb 8) I will be at the Bridgehead at Carolina and Wellington again at 7:00 pm. I still have 2 pattern books and some sock yarn to give away as thank you's - so come out and help and you may go home with a treat.

Hope to see some of you local folks there, I am off to fold laundry - good times