Saturday, October 30, 2004

she is always sticking her tongue out when she wants something, I think that it is cute.  Posted by Hello

No she is my dog!

Like a good dog owner I walk my dog each day, we usually go walk up towards the cemetery (on a hill behind my house) as the street is very quiet and I get to see things like gecko's and crickets.

On Thursday I was walking Tai and I was exhausted so I didn't take her as far as the cemetery just around the neighbourhood and all of a sudden this woman starts following me and then yelling at me in mandarin, I turned around so she could see I was foreigner (from the back I could be local) and told her I didn't understand. She kept on yelling at me and then walked away.

I made it around the next corner and she showed up again on a scooter with another woman, they got off and started telling me Tai was there dog, they spoke no English, they just kept trying to take her and calling to her in Chinese. Tai is really friendly and would go home with anyone so it was a bit of a problem. I kept saying no and trying to leave. Finally someone came by on a bike and luckily for me she spoke English. She tried to help me explain to these women that this was not their dog. The first lady got back on her scooter and took off and left me to deal with the second one. The English speaker was helpful but the lady was convinced Tai was her lost dog.

I finally told her where I live and that she could come to my house and would show her Tai's vet papers. I started to leave and the scooter lady showed up with 3rd person, they got off the scooter, she took one look at Tai and said, no that's not your dog to her friend. They said sorry, got on the scooter and they all took off. That was it, they ranted and raved for 10 minutes and then they were gone.

Looking back it was funny but I was rather frustrated in the moment, sometimes the language barrier is the hardest part of this experience. There was no I could make these ladies understand with my 20 Chinese words that Tai was not theirs. Some days I might give her away but I am rather attached.

OK that's all, a crazy little glitch just happened in cyberspace and I ended up with someone elses post inside this one, it was very wierd... I have removed it and now you can just see mine. Hope you are enjoying the weekend, have a happy Halloween.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Olfactory phantoms and sick kids

Okay, remember first year English? Well I do and I learned about olfactory phantoms. I don't remember the book it was from but do remember the prof was nasty and thought that vocab tests were essential, that was on one. I got it wrong at the time but never will again. Memories that are are triggered by a smell, for me yesterday the smell was pumpkins.

When I was in 4th grade we moved to this little quiet street in Victoria, there were other kids on the street and this one family had a boy a little younger than me. His name was Adam he had an amazing climber in his backyard and every year had a pumpkin carving party in his basement. Heaps of fun and the smell of fresh pumpkins still makes me happy. So yesterday and today I carved jack o lanterns with my kids, 6 in total! A lot of cutting but fun none the less, they loved and so did I. I still have some roasted seeds too!

My monkeys and I had a great time celebrating Halloween, complete with costumes and trick or treating in our school. We all had a blast and I must say it was fun even if they were bouncing off the walls excited all day. It's funny how at home we move away from celebrating holidays in schools and here we celebrate them till we are blue in the face even though the majority of the culture does not. Halloween, American Thanksgiving and Christmas are all a very big deal at our school. Today we had a Halloween concert, there are pictures on my classroom blog.

On a sadder note one of my little monkeys is ill, he has leukemia that is in remission and has been home since last week with fever and such. Being sick here is interesting, they have many modern medicine practices but have a strange obsession with taking anti-biotics as soon as you show signs of an illness, any illness. Luke told me that he was going to the doctor this afternoon, but then my TA told me he was going to the hospital. Both of which could be the case as many dr's practice within hospitals. Regardless of that his mom told me he would be away next week and she only brought him today because he insisted on coming. Well of course he insisted, it was Halloween after all and we have talking about it for weeks!

Anyway I hope that he is ok, it sucks that little men like him have to deal with such big issues. He is a very sweet boy, that happens to be a picture of him with the dinosaur costume. Another one of my kids had one to but wouldn't wear it and so his mom gave it to me for Ethan, I asked where she got it and she said I could have it... rich and generous parents.

It's late and I am sleepy, tomorrow I will tell you about the crazy trio who tried to convince me that Tai was there dog and I stole her... funny in retrospect.
Am I not the coolest Auntie in the world, I scored one of these great self-inflating dino's for my nephew today.  Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

photos, photos, photos

Okay if you click on the title it will magically take you to the photo album.

I'm off to bed with my fingers crossed that the typhoon last another day, not likely given it's current course but I am hoping none the less.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Woo Hoo Typhoon Nock-ten

Did you know that Nock-ten is the Laotian word for bird, interesting name choice. Bird makes me think of something graceful and lovely.... not a typhoon that is threatening to blow me off the top of my apartment building! However the wind, rain and noise aside I am happy to be home today and if the storm stays on it's predicted course I will be home tomorrow too.

The last typhoon reeked havoc on my apartment because of the direction of the wind, so far the wind has been blowing in the other direction and my apartment has stayed relatively dry. It may change as the storm worsens through the day but it washes my floor for me so I can't complain to much. It's funny, this is typhoon number 3 (well the 3rd one in Taiwan but I only got time off in August, July's wasn't so bad here in the city) for me and I there were people here before me who never saw one in all the years (3) that they lived here .

Ok I am off to work on my November planning, later I will get to that photo album, I promise. By the way, if you click on the title of this post it will take to a weather page that shows you the path of the typhoon.


Please, Please, Please

There is a typhoon brewing and I hope it hits us! I know mean for teh people who will experience flooding and the other nasty side effects but it would be a day off and I have a cold, I'd like to have a day off.

Aside from the long day of pouring rain things are ok. I made it through the second day of parent teacher interviews and didn't kill anyone, always better that way. A few parents drove me a little crazy but for the most part day 2 was easier than day one.

I have to go finsh my planning book for the coming week, I hope that there is no work tomorrow but I won't know till morning... I'll have my fingers crossed. You'll know if I'm home cause I will get around to finishing that online photo album... and then send out the link.
Be well,

Thursday, October 21, 2004

blah blah blah

Your child is doing wonderful... blah, blah, blah. Yes I did make her sit with 2 boys yesterday well I am sorry that she didn't like it but it was only for a cooperative learning task, not for the whole day.
No we are not going to have spelling tests in kindergarten, yes your son may be ready to practice his spelling and we can do that in other ways.
No your sons reading is just fine, he is right where he should be, yes he is not reading chapter books yet but that's okay he only just turned 6 last week.
Yes your son is bright and his english is good but he needs to learn the sound that letters make before he learns to read.

Blah, blah, blah, there will be more lovely comments after day 2! Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Over the legal limit

hmmm... I wonder what would happen if you got pulled over for riding your bicycle when you are over the legal limit? I mean at home when I am out with friends I would usually just take the bus home and go back and get my bike the next day... But last night I went to a co-workers house and had a number of glasses of red wine and then had to get myself home. Well I rode my bike there and thus needed to ride it home as I did not know how to get back on the bus. Anyway the point of this senseless babbling is that I found myself wondering as I rode home what would happen if I got stopped.

Now I wasn't falling over drunk or anything but I was certainly over the legal limit of being able to drive a motor vehicle, even here. But how does one classify a bicycle? I obviously made it home in one piece but it was a long ride and I was tired. Sadly all red wine does for me is make me want to go bed so as I cycled home keeping my eyes open was my biggest challenge.

So aside from an evening of carousing with a bunch of foreigners I had a pretty quiet weekend. Took the dog to the vet, bought groceries (I'd be lost without Costco!!!!!) and dog food and wrote parent teacher interview notes, exciting stuff. Now it is Sunday evening and I am waiting for the water to boil for supper, just some pasta and pesto (yeah Costco again) and then it will be off to bed as the whole cycle starts again tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Okay so it finally starting to cool down here, I have worn a sweater about 4 times and last night was cool when outside in just my cotton shirt. But it is hardly cold, it is lovely during the day and cool in the evenings and mornings. It reminds me of Victoria in the summer. I am quite content with the current weather, as I type it is 20 and raining, cooler than 35 but not cold right.


Locals and even some foreigners seem to think that is winter. I baby in a snugli last night on my way home and it had a snowsuit on, no I am not kidding a snowsuit like we would use at home. It was the funniest thing. The next baby was also bundled up and hat a winter hat on. It is crazy, yes it is cool but let's not over react. Yes I wore a sweatshirt this morning when I walked the dog at 6 am but just a sweat shirt!!!!!

People are funny. I wonder what they would do if they spent time in Ottawa or Winnipeg!

Must be off, hey if you are interested in seeing my classroom I have started a blog for my crazy over protective parents no kid pictures but classroom ones and I will update them so feel free to check back. they don't know about this site, nor will they so if you leave a comment don't mention this blog! I wouldn't be able to complain about them if they knew about it.


Saturday, October 9, 2004


Alright so it wasn't some Asian super bug it was my own fault, I think. I think that I gave myself Salmonella from an egg, it makes sense, the symptoms match and it explains the joint pain. Oh well I am fine now, live and learn. So that's my big excitement for the week, food poisoning.

Yesterday I did laundry as it was a super sunny day and given that my laundry dries outside it has to be a nice day to get it done. So laundry, marking and house cleaning an exciting Saturday. Today is another lovely day but also a holiday, 10/10 day, a Taiwans birthday kind of day so I want to get out and see some stuff but I am not sure what yet. I'll let you know what if it is anything exciting.

Wishing the weekend was 3 days instead of 2!

Thursday, October 7, 2004

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I have been the unfortunate recipient of some nasty Asian flu bug and have been one grumpy lady for the last few days. I am still under the weather but feeling much more human and willing to converse with the world again.

I was fine on Tuesday, a long and tiring day complicated by an sad email from my mom saying that our family dog passed away. She was old and we all knew it would happen eventually, 14 years is a long time to have pet though and I'll miss her. So I was moping around the school contemplating whether I should joke about taking a grief day, lucky for me I didn't because it turned out I really would need a day off. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning sicker than I have been in a long time. I did a quick mental inventory of recent meals and decided that indeed this was not just because I had eaten some flour but I was indeed ill. To make a long story short, I was sick, everything hurt and all I wanted to do was sleep, so I did. I went into work for awhile yesterday but that was a mistake and then stayed home for most of today.

I am much better (touch wood) this evening and hope that is the last nasty bug I have for a long while. Okay I am off to walk the dog, take out the garbage and write in my kindergarten communication books. Ahhh a night at J's house, full of fun and excitement!


Sunday, October 3, 2004


You know that you have settled in somewhere when you spend the weekend grocery shopping, cleaning you apartment and finishing the work you were supposed to have done on Friday. Yes that is what I did this weekend, not terribly exciting. I did get out though, I went out for diner with girls from work on Friday night and then was supposed to go out on Saturday but my friend was not feeling well and so I made her stay in, no point in hanging out with someone who is not feeling well. The pup and I went for some lovely walks and I bought groceries.... not very exciting.

Not much else to say, well yes there is on Tuesday it was moon festival and I went with a friend who was visiting to Danshui, it's a boardwalk out on the ocean, it was nice to get out of the city, I took lots of great photos, they are in my computer but not an album yet, hopefully this week although there is lots to do at work as parent teacher interviews are quickly approaching. We'll see how effectively I manage my time and as soon as there is an album I will let you know.

Since I spent my weekend at home I spent some time contemplating my next port of call, not sure where I want to be although I with the rising Canadian dollar being here is less and less lucrative every time I go to the bank to send money home. It's a lot of hours and a lot of work and with crummy exchange it just becomes frustrating so I am contemplating my options as to where to go next, I really have no idea at this point, maybe I would even stay here and just work somewhere else, maybe the bottom will fall out of the Canadian dollar again and then all will be well. Patient, I must be patient.

Off to bed, well dishes and then bed.