Thursday, October 14, 2004


Okay so it finally starting to cool down here, I have worn a sweater about 4 times and last night was cool when outside in just my cotton shirt. But it is hardly cold, it is lovely during the day and cool in the evenings and mornings. It reminds me of Victoria in the summer. I am quite content with the current weather, as I type it is 20 and raining, cooler than 35 but not cold right.


Locals and even some foreigners seem to think that is winter. I baby in a snugli last night on my way home and it had a snowsuit on, no I am not kidding a snowsuit like we would use at home. It was the funniest thing. The next baby was also bundled up and hat a winter hat on. It is crazy, yes it is cool but let's not over react. Yes I wore a sweatshirt this morning when I walked the dog at 6 am but just a sweat shirt!!!!!

People are funny. I wonder what they would do if they spent time in Ottawa or Winnipeg!

Must be off, hey if you are interested in seeing my classroom I have started a blog for my crazy over protective parents no kid pictures but classroom ones and I will update them so feel free to check back. they don't know about this site, nor will they so if you leave a comment don't mention this blog! I wouldn't be able to complain about them if they knew about it.


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