Saturday, October 9, 2004


Alright so it wasn't some Asian super bug it was my own fault, I think. I think that I gave myself Salmonella from an egg, it makes sense, the symptoms match and it explains the joint pain. Oh well I am fine now, live and learn. So that's my big excitement for the week, food poisoning.

Yesterday I did laundry as it was a super sunny day and given that my laundry dries outside it has to be a nice day to get it done. So laundry, marking and house cleaning an exciting Saturday. Today is another lovely day but also a holiday, 10/10 day, a Taiwans birthday kind of day so I want to get out and see some stuff but I am not sure what yet. I'll let you know what if it is anything exciting.

Wishing the weekend was 3 days instead of 2!

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