Sunday, October 3, 2004


You know that you have settled in somewhere when you spend the weekend grocery shopping, cleaning you apartment and finishing the work you were supposed to have done on Friday. Yes that is what I did this weekend, not terribly exciting. I did get out though, I went out for diner with girls from work on Friday night and then was supposed to go out on Saturday but my friend was not feeling well and so I made her stay in, no point in hanging out with someone who is not feeling well. The pup and I went for some lovely walks and I bought groceries.... not very exciting.

Not much else to say, well yes there is on Tuesday it was moon festival and I went with a friend who was visiting to Danshui, it's a boardwalk out on the ocean, it was nice to get out of the city, I took lots of great photos, they are in my computer but not an album yet, hopefully this week although there is lots to do at work as parent teacher interviews are quickly approaching. We'll see how effectively I manage my time and as soon as there is an album I will let you know.

Since I spent my weekend at home I spent some time contemplating my next port of call, not sure where I want to be although I with the rising Canadian dollar being here is less and less lucrative every time I go to the bank to send money home. It's a lot of hours and a lot of work and with crummy exchange it just becomes frustrating so I am contemplating my options as to where to go next, I really have no idea at this point, maybe I would even stay here and just work somewhere else, maybe the bottom will fall out of the Canadian dollar again and then all will be well. Patient, I must be patient.

Off to bed, well dishes and then bed.

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