Sunday, September 26, 2004

bin shoppin

Man do I love Taipei. I went shopping and I found clothes that fit me, nice clothes and cheap too, well sort of. I spent a few thousand dollars (Taiwan dollars) and got some amazing stuff... ahhh American clothes that come in real sizes. I finally found a watch strap ( I have been looking for weeks) and a funky new bed for Tai. It's a little tent that folds up and it's really great because it is so portable. I didn't get it but I will go back for it another day.

Not much else to say, the weather is great during the week and nasty when I want it to be nice. My friend Lexi is here from Korea and it has rained all weekend, sad but true. I went to Elton John on Thursday night and it rained the whole time, but the sun is shining when I inside my school, I swear. It's not fair. Elton John was great even though I was wet the whole time and when I am old I can say that I saw him in the pouring rain in an outdoor soccer stadium and sat on cement bleachers.

Well that's it because it is late and I am tired, tomorrow is Monday already!

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