Sunday, September 5, 2004

I am always forgetting bout the good stuff

I realized as I was walking home from the movies that I am forgetting to tell you about the small things that happen that are interesting... days are jut starting to run together.

This past week has been "ghost week" when Buddhists remember/honor the spirits of the deceased. So as a result there have been ghost money fires all over the city. So what's that? Well people haul a table out in front of their office/store/house and pile with fruit, bread, and such(I have seen coke) as a gift for the spirits and then burn incense. Then takes these piles of beautifully decorated paper called ghost money and burn it in a little tin on the sidewalk(can be dangerous for cyclists such as myself). The ghost money is burnt in order that it gets to the heavens and the deceased and in return the mortal folks down here get real money in return, or so the theory goes. I'll tell you if I get rich.

This evening I went out to walk the dog and take out the garbage. Here you have to physically take your garbage to the truck which stops in your neighborhood 2 times a day for 10 minutes. Well it is supposed to come everyday but Wednesday and Saturday and so I cleaned out my fridge, grabbed my recycling and headed out. The street was unusually quite but I plodded on with my dog, recycling and garbage. I got to the park and there is only 1 other person there, a bad sign. Well needless to say the garbage truck never came and everyone else in the neighborhood knew it. So we both left, well I quickly decided that I was not bringing my huge bag of "cleaned out fridge" garbage home, so I left it there. It was bad I know but the truck will come in the morning and I am assuming someone will chuck it in. Sadly I am not usually home when the truck comes so if it's not out on Sunday I may have it for a another week.

So I left it there and then went to walk Tai, well as we passed the local temple there was quite the party going on, they had taken over the street and had all these table out and were eating. Someone was singing and it all seemed very festive. I wish I had my camera.

Anyway not much else, the weather here was sad today so I went to the movies, The Terminal with Tom Hanks. It was good but slow, I see why it got bad reviews. Then I walked home from the mall and had Sushi on the way, it was good.

I came home to a very excited puppy as she had been alone for a number of hours. So that's it, my weekend is over and I will be back at work in 11 hours. It goes really fast. Here's to a better a better week this week, if it is bad at least I will have root beer (got some Dad's at Costco) and Lasange, I made it on Saturday night for me and Su as Shauna is a goddess and mailed me some gluten free noodles, yes my Mom and Celeste are goddess' too as they also mail me noodles.

So I am going to have my daily ration of Reese pieces (also Shauna), do the dishes and head to bed. Maybe I will start a new book, I have Mother of Pearl and Wild Swans waiting and I just finished The Rock Cried Out, it was okay.

be well

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