Tuesday, September 21, 2004

okay i am loving teaching......

BUT there are moments when I would like to take one or two of them and throw them out a 3rd story window!!!!!!

I think it would be a problem if I did and so I will restrain myself but man I think some of the little monsters sit around and try to think up ways to drive me crazy.

Innoncent (not) boy #1
Hmmmm... says the little boy, I'm bored, what to do. I am sitting beside my teacher and her chair looks like a good place to crawl under... I wonder if she would notice, well why don't I just try it and see what happens. Well this working so far, I am under the chair and she seems not to care, oh wait I feel a hand grabbing at my shirt and hear a loud voice yeling something in English... ohh she wants me to get out here... okay well if I just back out the way I came all should be well. Oh wait, my head is stuck, now she is yelling louder, she is saying that she is not happy, maybe if I pull a little harder.... owwwwww I am stuck. She says that she hopes I am stuck and have to stay there all afternoon, well I'll show her and get out, if I just tilt my head this way and then push with my hands.... look I am free. So there lady, I got out.

Hmm what can I do now, oh look there are some scisors on the shelf I am not allowed to touch, what if I grab them and start poking other kids....

No word of a lie, he did get his head stuck under my chair on the carpet today and I think that he did it on purpose and YES I did tell him he could stay there... maybe next time he will think about it before he tries it again.

Innocent child # 2

Amazing teacher says, "okay boys and girls listen for the words that rhyme, remember that ryhming words have the same sound at the end and usually the same last 2 or 3 letters. Teacher points to the pictures and says " cat, pin, mat, six"

Child shouts out "pin and six"

"umm no, good try though and please put up your hand" says the teacher, frustrated as we
have been working on rhyming words since the 1st week of school.

Someone answers corectly and the teacher moves on to the next one "pan, flag, van, map,"

Same child shouts out "map and flag"

Teacher " uhhh no, sorry those words don't have the same end sounds so they don't rhyme, can you please put up your hand! "

"Okay Ms Kruz".

Ms Kruz had 10 of these questions to get through and he shouted out the wrong answer for every single one!!!! Man was I frustrated.

Our day went downhill from there... but it's done now and it's Tuesday and in 3 sleeps it will be Friday and I am going to Elton John on Thursday night. I figured then I could say that I saw Elton John in Taipei!


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