Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Did u know....

that it is impossible to plan the coming week when you leave your planning book at SCHOOL. It was a long day and as a I packed up all my treats (tell u in a minute) and my books I some how neglected to stick it in my bike bag... dumb, dumb, very dumb. Oh well nothing i can do about it now, I'll do it tomorrow with my communication books and my spelling books and the million other things i have to do!

On a brighter note my sister mailed me the most amazing birthday/care package and I got it today. Books, wool, Justine friendly brownie mix, a shirt died with chocolate and various other exciting things including gold band aids! It was definitely a mid week spirit boost.

On my way home today in the pouring rain! I stopped to buy some fruit as I usually do on my way home. Well the man who runs the stand really likes Tai (everyone does) and he discovered last week that she likes mango, he gave her a piece when I stopped on Friday night.. Likes is not really a strong enough word, she goes insane as soon as she smells it. So Monday he was all sorry because he did not have anything for her, she was practically leaping out of my basket she was so excited to see him, actually she was. So today when I stopped he had a whole mango for her, before I could even pick out my guava he was peeling it and feeding it to her, she was over the moon she was so happy. What's she going to do when I move to a land where mangos aren't 2 for a buck and there is not fresh guava... ahh life in the mid tropics ain't so bad.

Okay I am off to bed. Night

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it arrived, hopefully without any missing pieces :) Celeste