Sunday, September 12, 2004

puppies and puddles

Did you know that my dog is afraid of the rain, and has rained for 3 days here. It's been a bit of an issue for her. She is also afraid of loud noises and stairs, also an issue as I live in the city on the roof of an apartment building. She will now go upstairs with a lot of encouragment but not down.

It stated raining on Friday and poured and poured and poured, get the idea, I was stuck inside for 2 days. I did got out but was soaked the whole time, not worth it.

So since I was trapped inside all weekend, I knit and read. My sister sent me great books and knitting projects. I am a happy girl. I finished some purses for some friends in Toronto ( M and J they are finished and one for S too, M the 1st one didn't work so well so you are getting two and J you need to got to and find a vest pattern or 2) All I have to do now is mail them and that could take awhile knowing me.

Well it's monday already and I have to go to work, now!!!! or i will be late, this is so much more fun though. Have a good week all.

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