Saturday, September 18, 2004


okay it's saturday, well it's almost over and I have had a migrane all day, actually this is day 3, it's almost 10 and I am feeling a little better but I have taken enough medicine to kill a small horse.

On a brighter note I dragged myself out of the apartment to take tai to the vet for some much over due shots. Since we were unsure of her actual age it was fine to wait but now i have to take her back on time for the next ones. Anyway to point is that I was so impressed with the minimal cost. When vets are affordable it makes pet ownership so much easier.

Okay that's all I am going back to knitting in the dark living room, the light hurts me head and I don't really need to see as I am knitting a purse/bag and it's just straight around although i have added some cool stripes.

I am aware of my lack of photos lately, sorry. Things are really busy I will try to get on it soon.

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