Wednesday, December 28, 2005

christmas, a quick review

First we dined, I cooked for hours and it was so worth it, I must say I did a fine job and the gluten free perogies were amazing! Take note of the lovely paneling and tiled ceiling that are on there way out of our house forever, soone, it will happen soon!

Then we got presents! This was my first gift, well actually it was my second but I did not take a picture of the first one as it is not really relevent to my knitting, I am sure you are wondering how a can of varnish is relevant... well the 2nd present was

a box spindles. Can you guess what was in the 3rd box, yes my friends a wheel. I must say I am the luckiest knitter/new spinner around. When I get it together I will post a picture, the contents in side the large box did not make for a very good photo

Finally as promised treats from my SP, Kelly. She sent me a soft sock kit, some fleece artist roving, a signed copy of the bookbookbook II, some great note cards, my favourite hand slime from Burt's bee's ( she is a mind reader as well because I never even mentioned that), candy canes and a funny knitter's Christmas card, Thanks again for being a great SP!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Babbling as usual

I have been meaning to sit down and blog all week, but time has slipped away and now here I am typing madly because I have a list a mile long of things to do today. Firstly I need to thanks the amazing Marmalade for being an great Secret Pal, I just got the most amazing box of treats yesterday (it will get it's own post after Christmas). Until then here are some other photos I have been meaning to post for the last week or so, after tonight (cooking dinner for 9, gluten free Ukrainian Christmas Eve) I will sit down and babble about my treats from Toronto and my trip there last weekend. I hope that everyone out there has/will have/has had a wondeful celebration, whichever celebration it is that you celebrate, (I will not list them all because I am sure that I would miss one)

I have been knitting like a fiend and there is no way that everything will be finished, I have just accepted that on many levels. As a result have wrapped it (p's gift) with the needles attached. I did manage to finish this scarf though. It is knit with some "oddly" spun cotton that I got at Rhinbeck for super cheap, it was a little frustrating to knit with but it was a quick knit and another gift is finished. The baby blanket has 5 more rows and then into the washer. My next hanful of projects will keep me busy until June, no problem there. I think that I need at least one full day a week to devote to knitting full time - I wish someone would pay me for that.

For your enjoyment, the girls... Chudder is so big that she now stands over Tai with no problem, as you can see here. It would of been a good shot if it had not been for the snowflake on the lens

She is getting to big for Tai's bed

They really do leap and fly when they are playing, they have decided that the snow is not so bad after all

I posed this one

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Random thoughts

Firstly thanks so much for all your heartfelt congratulations, P and I really appreciate it. We are both excited and amazed at the offers of help that are pouring in from our friends. I wish you all lived around the corner so we could celebrate together, distance can be a downfall to the internet.

- Did you know that hot water from the tap is a great luxury, hot drinkable water is even better. I was just making myself a hot apple cider and there was not enough water inthe kettle so I wandered over to the tap and filled the remainder of my cup with hot tap water. Some of you may kow that when I lived in Taipei not only was there no hot water in my kitchen but you could not drink the tap water without boiling it first. Who ever knew that I would be thankful for tap water.

- The kitchen renovation is finally coming to a close, there is still lots of work left to do but we almost have a complete set of cabinets and places to put all the stuff that has been living on the dining room table for a month. The floor still needs to be put in and the walls painted but that will happen after the holidays.

- I had a lovely brunch on the weekend with Jo and Tara, we knit (of course) gabbed about the wedding and our current spinning projects. It is so nice to have met such great people here who love the same things I do. Knit, spin, eat, blog...

- I am heading to Toronto this weekend to play with a few friends who I haven't seen since I returned from Asia - it will be a short but throughly enjoyable visit. Sadly I don't think there will be any time from any stash building, oh well next time. (maybe a quick trip to Romni)

I must get moving this morning, I am off to make some sense of a space that we call the living room so that we can have people over for Christmas Eve.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Here is proof my newest obession - spinning, I am still working on making the fiber twist evenly! If you look carefully you can see what I was given on Friday

In case you had trouble seeing it clearly, here's another shot. Yes, that would be an engagment ring, P and I are making it official (after all these years of chasing one another), we are getting married June 9th. I am still in that supper excited not yet stressed stage, can't you tell ;)