Wednesday, December 28, 2005

christmas, a quick review

First we dined, I cooked for hours and it was so worth it, I must say I did a fine job and the gluten free perogies were amazing! Take note of the lovely paneling and tiled ceiling that are on there way out of our house forever, soone, it will happen soon!

Then we got presents! This was my first gift, well actually it was my second but I did not take a picture of the first one as it is not really relevent to my knitting, I am sure you are wondering how a can of varnish is relevant... well the 2nd present was

a box spindles. Can you guess what was in the 3rd box, yes my friends a wheel. I must say I am the luckiest knitter/new spinner around. When I get it together I will post a picture, the contents in side the large box did not make for a very good photo

Finally as promised treats from my SP, Kelly. She sent me a soft sock kit, some fleece artist roving, a signed copy of the bookbookbook II, some great note cards, my favourite hand slime from Burt's bee's ( she is a mind reader as well because I never even mentioned that), candy canes and a funny knitter's Christmas card, Thanks again for being a great SP!

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