Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alvin, Simon, Theodore

The boys are back at school, it makes me happy most days! I am busy trying to get the rest of the reno's done so I can move on to other things like finishing that shawl that I started this summer and putting the garden and it's reamining produce to bed for the winter.

The weather is cooling and some chipmunks decided out house was the place to be. There were 2 here the other day, we chased one out and then there was another that I couldn't catch. I think that he has taken up residence in my bedroom ceiling - lucky me.

It's not an exciting post but a post it is. I must get to pizza crust, paint and laundry becaue I am running away to toronto tomorrow for a night with some friends and a much needed break.

Friday, September 4, 2009

summer 09

(Click on the collage to make bigger)
As you can see it has been a long and boring summer and there was no fun had by anyone big, small, with shells or with wings. There are also a few pictures in there of our summer reno project ( before, during and almost finished) which was a huge task and a strain on the monkeys patience but one that they are excited about none the less. I must now be off to deal with the back to school stress that is cuasing all sorts of interesting moments around here.