Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I think I missed something

Everyone keeps asking me if I am stressed yet or nervous or my feet are cold as the wedding is just around the corner.

I must say that I'm not, I mean there have been a few things that have caused me some stress but nothing major. Nothing life altering that's for sure and as for my feet (as long as I am not downstairs in the reno dust without shoes on) they are nice and warm, really they are. Everything is just about organised, people are coming to the wedding, there will be food and drink, we will all be wearing finely crafted garments ( thanks mom) and I am knitting the picot edging on my shawl. I still have heaps of time before the actual day and I feel as though there is very little to do. There are a few crafty things that need to be done once I get home for the decorations and stuff but really there is not to much left.

I think this is the way it is supposed to be, calm and quiet. It is only one day and as much as I want it all to go swimmingly I know that there are things that are beyond my control ( like weather and small children) and I should just roll along and trust it will all fall into place. That being said the wedding is still 2 weeks away and there have been no major bumps yet and hopefully there won't be. Let's see how calm I am this time next week.

P is leaving for Texas on Saturday, I am leaving for Victoria on Monday the puppies are staying here, my poor girls. I think I will miss them more than they will miss me. I will keep posted on the lack of wedding stress and I promise there will be pictures when the 9th finally rolls around.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Almost there

So I am leaving for Victoria in a little over a week, I think I have most things under control and hopefully everything will go off without a hitch. There have been a few curve balls in the last few weeks like P getting a job ( which is great) but now he has to go to a conference in Texas next week. This means that all the stuff he had planned on getting done in the 3 weeks before the wedding has to be finished before he leaves for Texas next week. But, it will all happen and it is great that at least one of us has a job with a consistent income.

In other news, I finally got my contest results organised, Tara was the first to answer correctly and she gets some lovely peace fleece ( I saw her today but I forgot it at home so she will have to wait a little longer) and Grace ( who may or may not have a blog) name was drawn from among all those who entered, some treats will head her way soon.

I also got my colourswap package mailed out and finished my softie for backtack, I just need to take a picture and get it in the mail.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dads, dogs, deliveries and dolls

Okay first things first, yesterday was my Dad's birthday. For some reason I was stuck on the fact that the 15 was today, not yesterday so he gets his blog entry today instead. So Happy Birthday Dad - a man who still tolerates... my crazy behaviour, my all hours phone calls ( the one from Korea at 4 am was the best), my requests for favours, picks me up and drops me off at airports and other assorted locations ( even ones half way across the country) and in 3 short weeks is going to listen to rant and rave as I try to get those last minute wedding things finished. he's a great Dad and as you can see in the photo a popular Papa as well

Dogs - sleeping on the bed - there is little room left for anyone else. Chud almost fills up the whole length, she is over 30 inches tall now.

Deliveries ( okay it is my wheel but I needed a pic) Cate sent the last of my wedding shawl wool back with Jo, I am off to pick it up shortly. I will keep you posted about my progress.

Dolls, I got these little beanies on sale and thought my niece would love them but their clothes sucked, so me and the polar fleece have been busy, the goal is to sew as few seams as possible while making it easy for a little person to actually change the clothing

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Toronto and back... Again

Yes I did it again, a 28 hour trip to Toronto but as usual it was worth it. On Thursday I drove my friends Dad down ( a long story, he lives there but was here for a conference)
so that we could go to her convocation, she got her masters. It was a great day with great company and good Indian food. Then she had to work on Friday and so while I waited for the school day to end I had to find some way to spend my time. Any guesses as to were I ended up - Yes Queen St. W would be correct, I spent so long at Romni I had to move my car so I wouldn't get a ticket. I got to stroke some fiber, buy some treats for other people and look at all those great pattern books that have come out lately. After Romni and a Vanilla Latte I picked up Joelle and we flew back to Ottawa to go to my wedding shower. I number of my friends got together and had a wine shower for me - we had a blast, I forgot my camera - Tara had one but she is not allowed to post the pictures... we all had a great time. Sadly Joelle had to go back to the big city today and so I dropped her off at the bus and now I am enjoying a Chai latte and catching up on my email and such.
Last weekend P and I had to go to marriage prep class so that we can have a church wedding - don't even get me started about how I felt about being there, I could write for days about the absurdity of the whole situation - REGARDLESS I was there and I decided I would use my time wisely, so I knit. I played around with a few patterns for this wool ( I got it in CA in January) and finally decided to use a pattern I have done a few times, it's a slanted eyelet scarf pattern from Alchemy. I like the way that it looks and it works with lots of weights of wool. I took this picture last Sunday and it is about twice that size now as I worked on it at Joelle's convocation as well.
This the pillow I quilted, I need to sew up the edge but really lack the motivation, it's now quiet as bad as knitting seams but I just can't seem to do that last step. I made up the pattern from a few others that I found online, it is FAR from perfect but I like it.

I have winners fromthe contest but I have to get moving, I will let you kno who you are later this week, I promise!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

a few of the many pictures I have to share

The other day Chudder ran away and after chasing her through the front pasture for 20 minutes I caught, she likes to run ( that's putting it mildly) and although I am fairly confident that she would come home the traffic on the Trans Canada Highway might interfere in her plans. Anyway when she came in she was banished to her bed and Tai thought that it would be a great chance to play with some of the toys she never gets at anymore because Chudder takes them away from her.
She had a great time and rolled around for quiet awhile.
And then she put herself to bed because she was exhausted!
I have signed up for a few exchanges this month, as if I didn't hve enough to do. So this is an almost finished softie for backtack - with some of my now blooming bulbs that I planted last fall. I also signed up for this months colourswap and I got someone I already know via cyberspace, Jess. I have her treats but must get them in the mail, I must admit I strayed a little from the green theme but only a little.

This is your last day to get in on the contest, send your answers, it's not to hard! Posted by Picasa