Saturday, May 13, 2006

Toronto and back... Again

Yes I did it again, a 28 hour trip to Toronto but as usual it was worth it. On Thursday I drove my friends Dad down ( a long story, he lives there but was here for a conference)
so that we could go to her convocation, she got her masters. It was a great day with great company and good Indian food. Then she had to work on Friday and so while I waited for the school day to end I had to find some way to spend my time. Any guesses as to were I ended up - Yes Queen St. W would be correct, I spent so long at Romni I had to move my car so I wouldn't get a ticket. I got to stroke some fiber, buy some treats for other people and look at all those great pattern books that have come out lately. After Romni and a Vanilla Latte I picked up Joelle and we flew back to Ottawa to go to my wedding shower. I number of my friends got together and had a wine shower for me - we had a blast, I forgot my camera - Tara had one but she is not allowed to post the pictures... we all had a great time. Sadly Joelle had to go back to the big city today and so I dropped her off at the bus and now I am enjoying a Chai latte and catching up on my email and such.
Last weekend P and I had to go to marriage prep class so that we can have a church wedding - don't even get me started about how I felt about being there, I could write for days about the absurdity of the whole situation - REGARDLESS I was there and I decided I would use my time wisely, so I knit. I played around with a few patterns for this wool ( I got it in CA in January) and finally decided to use a pattern I have done a few times, it's a slanted eyelet scarf pattern from Alchemy. I like the way that it looks and it works with lots of weights of wool. I took this picture last Sunday and it is about twice that size now as I worked on it at Joelle's convocation as well.
This the pillow I quilted, I need to sew up the edge but really lack the motivation, it's now quiet as bad as knitting seams but I just can't seem to do that last step. I made up the pattern from a few others that I found online, it is FAR from perfect but I like it.

I have winners fromthe contest but I have to get moving, I will let you kno who you are later this week, I promise!

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