Sunday, May 7, 2006

a few of the many pictures I have to share

The other day Chudder ran away and after chasing her through the front pasture for 20 minutes I caught, she likes to run ( that's putting it mildly) and although I am fairly confident that she would come home the traffic on the Trans Canada Highway might interfere in her plans. Anyway when she came in she was banished to her bed and Tai thought that it would be a great chance to play with some of the toys she never gets at anymore because Chudder takes them away from her.
She had a great time and rolled around for quiet awhile.
And then she put herself to bed because she was exhausted!
I have signed up for a few exchanges this month, as if I didn't hve enough to do. So this is an almost finished softie for backtack - with some of my now blooming bulbs that I planted last fall. I also signed up for this months colourswap and I got someone I already know via cyberspace, Jess. I have her treats but must get them in the mail, I must admit I strayed a little from the green theme but only a little.

This is your last day to get in on the contest, send your answers, it's not to hard! Posted by Picasa

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