Saturday, May 20, 2006

Almost there

So I am leaving for Victoria in a little over a week, I think I have most things under control and hopefully everything will go off without a hitch. There have been a few curve balls in the last few weeks like P getting a job ( which is great) but now he has to go to a conference in Texas next week. This means that all the stuff he had planned on getting done in the 3 weeks before the wedding has to be finished before he leaves for Texas next week. But, it will all happen and it is great that at least one of us has a job with a consistent income.

In other news, I finally got my contest results organised, Tara was the first to answer correctly and she gets some lovely peace fleece ( I saw her today but I forgot it at home so she will have to wait a little longer) and Grace ( who may or may not have a blog) name was drawn from among all those who entered, some treats will head her way soon.

I also got my colourswap package mailed out and finished my softie for backtack, I just need to take a picture and get it in the mail.

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