Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dads, dogs, deliveries and dolls

Okay first things first, yesterday was my Dad's birthday. For some reason I was stuck on the fact that the 15 was today, not yesterday so he gets his blog entry today instead. So Happy Birthday Dad - a man who still tolerates... my crazy behaviour, my all hours phone calls ( the one from Korea at 4 am was the best), my requests for favours, picks me up and drops me off at airports and other assorted locations ( even ones half way across the country) and in 3 short weeks is going to listen to rant and rave as I try to get those last minute wedding things finished. he's a great Dad and as you can see in the photo a popular Papa as well

Dogs - sleeping on the bed - there is little room left for anyone else. Chud almost fills up the whole length, she is over 30 inches tall now.

Deliveries ( okay it is my wheel but I needed a pic) Cate sent the last of my wedding shawl wool back with Jo, I am off to pick it up shortly. I will keep you posted about my progress.

Dolls, I got these little beanies on sale and thought my niece would love them but their clothes sucked, so me and the polar fleece have been busy, the goal is to sew as few seams as possible while making it easy for a little person to actually change the clothing

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