Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I think I missed something

Everyone keeps asking me if I am stressed yet or nervous or my feet are cold as the wedding is just around the corner.

I must say that I'm not, I mean there have been a few things that have caused me some stress but nothing major. Nothing life altering that's for sure and as for my feet (as long as I am not downstairs in the reno dust without shoes on) they are nice and warm, really they are. Everything is just about organised, people are coming to the wedding, there will be food and drink, we will all be wearing finely crafted garments ( thanks mom) and I am knitting the picot edging on my shawl. I still have heaps of time before the actual day and I feel as though there is very little to do. There are a few crafty things that need to be done once I get home for the decorations and stuff but really there is not to much left.

I think this is the way it is supposed to be, calm and quiet. It is only one day and as much as I want it all to go swimmingly I know that there are things that are beyond my control ( like weather and small children) and I should just roll along and trust it will all fall into place. That being said the wedding is still 2 weeks away and there have been no major bumps yet and hopefully there won't be. Let's see how calm I am this time next week.

P is leaving for Texas on Saturday, I am leaving for Victoria on Monday the puppies are staying here, my poor girls. I think I will miss them more than they will miss me. I will keep posted on the lack of wedding stress and I promise there will be pictures when the 9th finally rolls around.

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