Thursday, September 28, 2006

No snappy title today

Look what I found in the back seat of my car, yes that is a little baby snake - I was not impressed! It didn't want to leave either although with much encouragment it finally did

And for your amusement - A 100lb dog try to get her tennis ball out of a space that is 4 inches high - I had to help

Look another mess from Ikea

Did you know that if you spend enough money on their furniture you may be lucky enough to get this little tiny screwdriver in your package of bolts and such. It is virtually useless but cute none the less. I used a real tool for the job

there is nothing like a good electric scredriver when assembling

the island for your kitchen - Yipee the top went on today and it looks great. There will be more photos after the weekend, I am having a dye party. This lovely lady, this one, and this one, will all be here. There are others but they are blogless and this one is going to wedding in New Bruswick so she's not coming - but she's defintley the one missing out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I really do knit, honest.

A "Jestertish hat" that I am sort of making up as I go along. I found a patern once and adapted it to make a hat for my niece but this one is just kinda happening as it goes. I am thinking about bells on the ends but that I might not be so popular withthe parents if I do that.

LOOK a sock, I am rather proud of this sock. It's toe up with a rather temporary cast off because I wanted to do picot but couldn't find the instructions and wanted to start the second sock before I lost my motivation so I just got it off the needles and started the second one. We'll see if I actually go back and do the picot cast off.

I have a few other things on the go as well - P's sweater ( yes still, it was on time out for the summer due to the heat) a few scarves and I was enabled yeaterday to buy some amazing alpaca lace weight for a shawl - but the alpaca was 400 meters for 7.50 - yes that's Canadian, is there a better deal about, I think not. So I have decided I must free up some needles before I cast onthe shawl but it is so calling my name, me the one who said I would never knit lace...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just a little kitten cuteness to make the day a little brighter

got yarn

I've been spinning and spinning and spinning... this is roving I got in CA last winter, it took me ages to get through all of it but I finally have and i am rather pleased with the results. Notice that the wool is drying on the tub, the tub is in the bathroom and bathroom is FINISHED! - so is the kitchen floor. There will be more pics later I am off to pick through some fleece so I can wash it... and eventually get to spinning it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

kitchen floors

Our house is old, nothing is level and I am slowly being driven to insanity as I try to put the kitchen floor on to the not level surface that is the kitchen sub floor at the moment. I am not a happy girl... I think we are eating out tonight!

Friday, September 8, 2006


Not to much to report here on the farm, I don't even have any cute pictures. It's quiet now that school has started and I am not working yet - yes I am still without my own classroom and looking at another year of supply teaching. I am not thrilled to say the very least but I comforted to know that I am not the only one and that heaps of folks are looking for/hoping for classrooms as well.

On a brighter not I have spent lots of time in the kitchen recently and been making lots of tasty, J friendly foods. Last weekend we had people over for dinner and I made some great Thai food for supper, there were also some cherry perogies for dinner one night and today I am making individual size pavlova with fruit and chocolate for a pot luck tonight. I love good food.
FYI If you are GF like me check out this great blog Recipes from a [ Gluten Free] Goddess , well even if you aren't GF you will probably like her stuff, it all looks so good.

It knitting news... I finished my first sock ( well not really my 1st but the 1st one that I will wear) and have cast on for the mate. I am working on a few other things but the socks are winning in the what shall I work on tonight battle.

Not to much else to say, have a good weekend and as soon as those socks are done there will be a picture. Oh and I helped out Shelba on her post for Self Potrait Challenge, go have a look there are some really great pictures up this week.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006



and Freud

both of whom need to learn that my knitting basket is not a place to play!
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Friday, September 1, 2006

Excuse me, you have the wrong number!

So last night while P and I are enjoying a lovely meal (on a patio, 1 of our last chances I imagine) my cell phone rings. I answer it and it is someone looking for someone who is not me. I tell him he has the wrong number and hang up, the guy calls 2 more time and I ignore it thinking that if he gets my voicemail he will figure our that he has the wrong number.

This morning my cell phone rings again - it's him and he wants to confirm that I ordered a taxi to take me to the airport. His English wasn't so great and I asked him where he was calling from but he just kept telling me I texted him for a taxi to the airport. I finally hung up and P. traced the number on the computer, guess where he was calling from Puerto Rico. I am sure he is going to be thrilled when he gets his phone bill.

In other news my new kittens are adorable, there will be pictures when P brings the card reader home from work

I recently checked out the recent searches on Stat Counter and I had a good laugh. Here's a few of the best ones, ( I should of posted this on Tuesday because now some of the best ones have moved off the list) I wonder what they think when my blog comes up on their search results page.

1. birds, flowers and all the other stuff in asia

2. apples and bananas lyrics and who wrote it

3. bryant street theater