Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I really do knit, honest.

A "Jestertish hat" that I am sort of making up as I go along. I found a patern once and adapted it to make a hat for my niece but this one is just kinda happening as it goes. I am thinking about bells on the ends but that I might not be so popular withthe parents if I do that.

LOOK a sock, I am rather proud of this sock. It's toe up with a rather temporary cast off because I wanted to do picot but couldn't find the instructions and wanted to start the second sock before I lost my motivation so I just got it off the needles and started the second one. We'll see if I actually go back and do the picot cast off.

I have a few other things on the go as well - P's sweater ( yes still, it was on time out for the summer due to the heat) a few scarves and I was enabled yeaterday to buy some amazing alpaca lace weight for a shawl - but the alpaca was 400 meters for 7.50 - yes that's Canadian, is there a better deal about, I think not. So I have decided I must free up some needles before I cast onthe shawl but it is so calling my name, me the one who said I would never knit lace...

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