Friday, September 8, 2006


Not to much to report here on the farm, I don't even have any cute pictures. It's quiet now that school has started and I am not working yet - yes I am still without my own classroom and looking at another year of supply teaching. I am not thrilled to say the very least but I comforted to know that I am not the only one and that heaps of folks are looking for/hoping for classrooms as well.

On a brighter not I have spent lots of time in the kitchen recently and been making lots of tasty, J friendly foods. Last weekend we had people over for dinner and I made some great Thai food for supper, there were also some cherry perogies for dinner one night and today I am making individual size pavlova with fruit and chocolate for a pot luck tonight. I love good food.
FYI If you are GF like me check out this great blog Recipes from a [ Gluten Free] Goddess , well even if you aren't GF you will probably like her stuff, it all looks so good.

It knitting news... I finished my first sock ( well not really my 1st but the 1st one that I will wear) and have cast on for the mate. I am working on a few other things but the socks are winning in the what shall I work on tonight battle.

Not to much else to say, have a good weekend and as soon as those socks are done there will be a picture. Oh and I helped out Shelba on her post for Self Potrait Challenge, go have a look there are some really great pictures up this week.

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