Friday, September 1, 2006

Excuse me, you have the wrong number!

So last night while P and I are enjoying a lovely meal (on a patio, 1 of our last chances I imagine) my cell phone rings. I answer it and it is someone looking for someone who is not me. I tell him he has the wrong number and hang up, the guy calls 2 more time and I ignore it thinking that if he gets my voicemail he will figure our that he has the wrong number.

This morning my cell phone rings again - it's him and he wants to confirm that I ordered a taxi to take me to the airport. His English wasn't so great and I asked him where he was calling from but he just kept telling me I texted him for a taxi to the airport. I finally hung up and P. traced the number on the computer, guess where he was calling from Puerto Rico. I am sure he is going to be thrilled when he gets his phone bill.

In other news my new kittens are adorable, there will be pictures when P brings the card reader home from work

I recently checked out the recent searches on Stat Counter and I had a good laugh. Here's a few of the best ones, ( I should of posted this on Tuesday because now some of the best ones have moved off the list) I wonder what they think when my blog comes up on their search results page.

1. birds, flowers and all the other stuff in asia

2. apples and bananas lyrics and who wrote it

3. bryant street theater

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