Friday, October 16, 2009

It is a sad state of affairs

They are beginning the mass exodus and I am not going, it is a sad state of affairs. Those of you who are knitters know exactly of which I speak. They have started to depart and gather and I am home doing dishes ( well I should be doing the dishes but I can't do that and type) and canning pears. I like pears but I think that perhaps Rhinebeck holds a little more excitiment than a weekend home alone with my monkeys. You see I am not at the happiest palce on earth this weekend because P is away and there is no way that I was taking the monekys to Rhinebeck, it is my fun and I wouldn't want them to realise that it is fun to go and frolic with friends while fondling yarn.

That being said I must go and get them from school... next October can't arrive soon enough.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy with life

So we decided to finish the junk room this summer. There have been some pictures but I thought I would give you some good before and after shots. It really was a room full of junk much of had been there since before I lived in this house

We sorted and pitched lots of garbage. It was a long haul, especially since there was a another room full of junk that we also sorted and made into a cold room, just beyond the door in the picture above this one.

Look at what a few months, a lot of work and some creativity has done. That box on the wall hides the electrical panel. There is an outside door, a storage cupboard(wine rack) and lots of toy storage.

There is an entrance for the monkeys and an extra cupboard for toys and such, it still needs to be painted.

There is a family room space, I figured you didn't need a picture of the TV, it's a screen that makes noise and pictures.

There is a subliminal message for the kids on the wall.

I have also been processing food, lots of food, there are tomatoes of every type stored in every possible way.
There is fruit canned and waiting to be canned

and there are lots of green tomatoes waiting to be salsa. We had serious frost here this weekend
, we picked the tomatoes and turned on the heat. I won't tell you what I found in the furnace when I changed the filter!
Oh and how could I forget, Fudge is 8! We had a video game party complete with Wii Remote cakes and homemade pizza - they were happy boys!
PS - we stil have a resident chipmunk, anyone got any humane ideas for getting him out?