Friday, October 16, 2009

It is a sad state of affairs

They are beginning the mass exodus and I am not going, it is a sad state of affairs. Those of you who are knitters know exactly of which I speak. They have started to depart and gather and I am home doing dishes ( well I should be doing the dishes but I can't do that and type) and canning pears. I like pears but I think that perhaps Rhinebeck holds a little more excitiment than a weekend home alone with my monkeys. You see I am not at the happiest palce on earth this weekend because P is away and there is no way that I was taking the monekys to Rhinebeck, it is my fun and I wouldn't want them to realise that it is fun to go and frolic with friends while fondling yarn.

That being said I must go and get them from school... next October can't arrive soon enough.

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