Monday, November 2, 2009


  • I think all posts ( as few and far between as they are) may exist in this format I like it!
  • The boys were Mario and Luigi, they enjoyed there night even though we didn't stay out to long, there was no one out there and few houses had lights on!

  • I was recently swarmed by ladybugs, here are a 1/16 or so of the ones that came at me well I was trying to put up the storm door!
  • Calvin has decided that being involved is the cool things to do ( it keeps him outta trouble) he was recently on the cross country team and was beyond proud of his Jersey - this would be him pretending to run in the playroom

  • I am really tired this afternoon and sadly a nap is not in plan
  • I went for my H1N1 vaccine today and did not have to wait all day, 3 hours start to finish and I must say it wasn't so bad - it must off been the good company. The boys can bring on the germs now and I will not end up sick. I will get them immunized when it does not take 3 hours of waiting in line.
  • We have no milk and little food in the fridge so I really need to get of the computer and get my butt to the store before I have to pick up the boys.

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