Saturday, October 30, 2004

No she is my dog!

Like a good dog owner I walk my dog each day, we usually go walk up towards the cemetery (on a hill behind my house) as the street is very quiet and I get to see things like gecko's and crickets.

On Thursday I was walking Tai and I was exhausted so I didn't take her as far as the cemetery just around the neighbourhood and all of a sudden this woman starts following me and then yelling at me in mandarin, I turned around so she could see I was foreigner (from the back I could be local) and told her I didn't understand. She kept on yelling at me and then walked away.

I made it around the next corner and she showed up again on a scooter with another woman, they got off and started telling me Tai was there dog, they spoke no English, they just kept trying to take her and calling to her in Chinese. Tai is really friendly and would go home with anyone so it was a bit of a problem. I kept saying no and trying to leave. Finally someone came by on a bike and luckily for me she spoke English. She tried to help me explain to these women that this was not their dog. The first lady got back on her scooter and took off and left me to deal with the second one. The English speaker was helpful but the lady was convinced Tai was her lost dog.

I finally told her where I live and that she could come to my house and would show her Tai's vet papers. I started to leave and the scooter lady showed up with 3rd person, they got off the scooter, she took one look at Tai and said, no that's not your dog to her friend. They said sorry, got on the scooter and they all took off. That was it, they ranted and raved for 10 minutes and then they were gone.

Looking back it was funny but I was rather frustrated in the moment, sometimes the language barrier is the hardest part of this experience. There was no I could make these ladies understand with my 20 Chinese words that Tai was not theirs. Some days I might give her away but I am rather attached.

OK that's all, a crazy little glitch just happened in cyberspace and I ended up with someone elses post inside this one, it was very wierd... I have removed it and now you can just see mine. Hope you are enjoying the weekend, have a happy Halloween.

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