Monday, February 4, 2008


my hands that is, I have been dying wool this morning and I was to lazy to find some gloves. The wool is from the garter stitch jacket, I have wanted one for awhile but my LYS never had the colours I wanted and then I got a gift card for Christmas for the LYS. So I bought a white one kit and dyed it with wiltons food colouring. I am rather happy with the results but the camera is MIA, when I find you can see what I did. I have also been tidying and doing laundry. I think that perhaps laundry should happen without any human intervention, just put the stuff in the washer and it could come out washed dried and folded - maybe someone could get on that.

Have a Heart Blanket Update

I have lots squares, thanks everyone (if you still have one email me and we will arrange a pick up) and now comes the task of putting the thing together. I went out last Friday night (in a huge storm) and met up with a bunch of great women (she has pictures) to start seaming. It was a good time but we still are not finished and I really want to give it to her next week... so if you are free this Friday night (feb 8) I will be at the Bridgehead at Carolina and Wellington again at 7:00 pm. I still have 2 pattern books and some sock yarn to give away as thank you's - so come out and help and you may go home with a treat.

Hope to see some of you local folks there, I am off to fold laundry - good times

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