Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cats! (and other random things)

The cats are up to their usual cat like antics! They both enjoy laying in the bathtub, under the tub, on the edge of the tub, you get the picture. Both yesterday and today they decided that they should leap into the tub as soon as they see a person get out, sadly, although the person may be out of the water is not - my kitties don't like water. Why they both did the same thing 2 mornings in a row is a bit of a mystery to me though. They have also discovered that it is a great deal of fun to unroll the toilet paper, even more fun when there is a brand new roll. THe Bathroom door is now closed.

The heart blanket is coming along, I have a large pile of squares on my dining room table along with needles and some treats (yarn and books) to share with people who come out to help seam on Friday night. Details - Friday Feb 1, First Friday Knit Nite at the Bridgehead (Carolina and Wellington), around 7. I am shamelessly taking over and enlisting people to help sew together squares - beside I am giving away free stuff, yo know you wanna come and help. If you still have a square drop me a line and we will work out a pick up/drop off. I got some squares in the mail today, very exciting.

I have spent my free time this week working on this - it was dead easy and I love the way that it looks. There was an old trunk in the summer kitchen, we hauled it out this summer and cleaned it off. Then it sat for 6 months while I got organised. P and I put together pictures from our families ( plus 2 that the person who grew up on this farm gave us), I colour copied them, glued them down, applied numerous coats of Shellac and ta da a coffee table that has heaps of storage! I really like it and given the age of our house it fits in well.

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