Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Have a heart?

Two posts in one day, i think that is a first for me!

I know that we are constantly being asked to knit for a good cause and that plenty of bloggers put out requests for us to knit things for charity. I have in the past jumped on other bandwagons and got out my needles but this time I have my own wagon to stand on and I am hoping that some of you can help me.

Larissa is 19, I used to teach her Sunday school, she was mischievous ( to say the very least) but I loved her spunk and admired her spirit. She has moved in an out of my peripheral vision over the years as I have come and gone from the church that her Mom goes to. About 6 months she got sick, then she got sicker and to make a long story very short she is now waiting (desperately!) for a heart transplant. She went into the hospital just before Christmas in critical condition, so critical in fact that they had to take her off the transplant list because she could not survived a transplant.

She has undergone a number of surgeries and is now being kept alive with an LVAD, (read about it here - yes the same thing Denny had on Grey’s anatomy. They brought her out of sedation yesterday and she is doing well. As long as they can find her a heart quickly she will survive (I waited to post this until I was reasonably sure that she was going to make it through this tough patch).

So while she is waiting I thought that I (with some help) might entertain her with a heart blanket for Valentines Day… so wanna help, please

Knit a square that measures 5 inches by 5 inches with a heart in somewhere, however you want to put a heart (big or small) in the square is up to you. Be creative, use up your scraps or whatever you want. I would prefer (for ease of seaming) if they were DK or Aran weight but I am pretty flexible.

I need the squares by Feb 7 and if email me bagknitter(at) yahoo(dot)ca I will arrange to pick them up (locally) or tell you where to mail them.

Thanks so much in advance, I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking and hope that I (we) can help Larissa with the very long road that is ahead of her - her and her family.

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