Wednesday, January 9, 2008

catch up

Much has happened here in the last week both and out of the house. I finally have a little time to come up for air, well there has been air throughout but no moments to sit down at the computer for enough time to actually do anything other than a quick email check.

A few of my friends from away came for New Years, much fun was had and some alcohol was involved. We were quite sober though when we buried J in the snow and then M jumped on her, nothing like a good play in the snow! I took them back to Toronto last week and we went to see We Will Rock You - it was really good, awesome in fact. If you get the chance to go I would definitely recommend it.

The next day I made a "quick" (sort of) trip to Romni and stopped by Purple Purl but it was closed, sad but true. Then I got in the car and headed home, exactly 24 hours after I left.

I came home and started cooking and I cooked for 2.5 days so that we could have Christmas on Jan. 6 - Ukrainians are lucky that way. It was great night and I must say the food was fabulous and completely gluten free, a bit of a challenge when cooking Ukrainian food. Wait it there was one dish that I couldn't eat, P is throwing Kutia on the ceiling in this picture, since the main ingredient is wheat kernels I am not sure that I could find a reasonable substitute.

Monday was my last day off - well technically I am off today too but that always happen in supply teacher land - random days of not working especially just after a school holiday.

Stayed tune for pictures of my green, green front yard and the river that is running through the driveway of doom due to a very rapid Jan. thaw that means P has to get up in the middle of the night to turn the sump pump so the cellar doesn't flood!

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