Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday while I was taking down out Christmas stuff, my childhood arrived in my front yard. It looked like this and a nice man in a big truck managed to get it as close to my front door as possible with the snow and such.

My parents decided that since I am an "adult" (ha ha ha) and have a house that it was time for my stuff to no longer be in there shed... so it was packed and shipped across the country and arrived with only one or two dents, I thought that I might amuse you with a few pictures although some of the best stuff was found once the camera had been put away, well not awaybut out of my reach. There are some stunning barbie clothes that think were my sisters before they were mine and a variety of very essays full of teen angst - oh being 15 was so tragic! There is some of my grandmothers things that I had wanted and some that I did not know existed as well as a few treats.

As a child a enjoyed (was obsessed with) Annie, I had Annie everything and I must say that since it is the best movie of all time my obsession was completely normal. My mom found this plate somewhere... and decided I needed it. It goes very well with the life size Annie doll, her wardrobe ( all the outfits from the movie) and my Annie dress from when I was 6.
The was also a very well loved (read broken)Fisher Price Sesame street playhouse,
I remember being rather hard on it and I also remember taking it
apart, some of the pieces are missing and so are some of the screws but I love the old FP stuff and had I know when I was little what it was worth now I wouldn't of taken it apart.

It's funny how when we are little things seem s so BIG, this painting was done by my grandfather and it is only about 11x14 but I remember it being sooooo big as a kid, there was one of each of us and they hung in the stairwell, I was shocked at how small it is.

To go with the art, toys and furniture there was some clothes. I think I come by my knitting addiction honestly, the dress and cape in the back are crotched (by my mom?) but my mom knit the dress and my grandma the cardigan. There is also a pink poncho, I thought I was so cool when I wore it.

Tomorrow ( or soon) I will show off the squares I have for Larissa's Heart blanket, I received some at knitting last night and had promises of more. Thanks to everyone who is working on/has finished one or more, I really appreciate the help and I know the blanket will be appreciated as well.

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