Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Happy day

There are so many things to be happy about today!

Happy International Womyn's Day to all the womyn, and those on their to being womyn out there in the world.

Happy thoughts and thanks to Cate who sent me more handspun cashgora to work on my wedding shawl.

Happiness at my house because the wedding invites are finished and out, there are 4 waiting for address' but they are ready to go as soon as I get those so they don't count as unfinished.

Happy music, Bridgehead is playing the new Dar Williams CD and that makes blogging and drinking Chai so enjoyable.

Happy house, the logs in the living room are sanded and look amazing. They will be varnished and finished in coming weeks and then we will have a living room again. That means we will lose the dining room to renos but the end is near, well sort of. I figure by the time we need space in the summer for company we will be close to finished... It will be so worth it in the end.

Happy dogs as well, I really need to post some new pics of them. Little miss anti-social Tai loves Chudder to bits and encourages her to attack and play as often as possible. They are so cute together , one giant dog with the disposition of a small lap dog ( she so wishes she could sit in my lap more often) and one little tiny lap dog who is convinced that she is a big scary girl. They are rather funny.

All in all it's a great day.

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